Bolidt, specialist for floors in stations and on platforms

  • Metroperrons Bijlmerstation Amsterdam Boligrip 1250

    Antiskid, in all weather circumstances

  • Transferium Hoogkerk Boligrip W

    Beautiful and functional

  • Remise RET Beverwaard Bolidtop 200 RF

    Customer-friendly, a pleasant environment


specialist in flooring for stations and on platforms

No one knows better than Bolidt that it is all about safety and durability in stations and on platforms. Bolidt offers a wide range of innovative synthetic floors for this sector. Bolidt thus meets the requirements and demands of passengers, employees and clients.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production, and application of synthetic floors, Bolidt is a much sought-after partner in this sector all around the world. Clients in the (public) transport sector are confident that, thanks to Bolidt's expertise and experience, the floors meet the strictest requirements with respect to safety, aesthetics, durability and maintenance.

Innovative floors

for stations and platforms

Thousands of passengers pass through daily. Suitcases, trolleys, bicycles and many footsteps; all require indestructible floor systems. Which can be cleaned easily and quickly and can be properly maintained. But which also contribute to the comfort, the mood and the feeling of safety of both passengers and employees. Bolidt knows your sector and makes its expertise and international experience available.

Wide-ranging technical possibilities

Stations and platforms require anti-slip floors in all weather conditions. Which can absorb vibration and noise. And which are highly shock, impact and wear-resistant. Exceedingly strong, seamless floors, which can be heavily loaded without problems. Bolidt is the innovative supplier that offers everything under one roof; from development to application. In the technical domain, we can therefore go very far and the right floor solution is always available.

Functional and beautiful

Besides sustainability, design and colour play important roles. The correct application of design and colour contributes to passengers feeling more at ease in surroundings that are usually rushed and anonymous. The Bolidt floor systems are not only functional but also beautiful.

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  • Platform Deventer
  • Loading dock Emmer Wholesale Business Haarlem 
  • Bus lane HOV Oostas Enschede
  • Platforms HTM Zoetermeer
  • Loading dock Van Keulen Nijverdal
  • LIVAN 1 
  • Subway station Pernis
  • RET



For stations and platforms, the reliable Boligrip® W-R floor finish is often chosen. This non-slip, robust and exceptionally durable floor finishing system has a very high wear-resistance thanks to, for example, the scatter material specifically chosen for stations and platforms.

A safe choice

If certainty and a long service life are high priorities, choose the innovative Bolidtop® W-R floor finish. Besides durability, Boligrip® W-R has a very short application time such that the hindrance for the surroundings is kept to a minimum. Thanks to the optimal roughness, this system also contributes to safety. Boligrip® W-R meets the requirements stipulated by ProRail in the SPC 216. Because the Boligrip® W-R floor finish is easy to clean, the maintenance costs are limited.


Boligrip® W-R is processed in liquid form by our own Bolidt specialists, or certified partners.

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