Bolidt, specialist for deck systems on board of livestock transport ships

  • Shorthorn Express Waterhuizen Boligrip 1250

    Hygiene and durability

  • Cosco Guangdong Shipyard Vroon Gelbray Express Bolideck ET/NG

    Seamless, liquid-tight and non slip surface

  • Labroy Shipbuilding SIBA Bolideck ET/NG

    Shock and impact resistant decking systems


ship deck specialist for livestock transport ships

Deck systems for livestock transport by sea have to meet very different requirements to those for cruise liners, navy vessels and super yachts. Even though there are similarities in functionality, with the livestock transport the main focus is on animal welfare. That requires strong, non-slip and wear-resistant deck systems. Bolidt offers a wide range of innovative synthetic deck systems for this sector.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production, and application of synthetic deck systems, Bolidt is a much sought-after partner for livestock transport ships all around the world. Market leaders in the sector rely on the innovative Bolidt deck systems thanks to the exceptional functional properties, such as roughness, service life and mechanical and chemical resistance.

Innovative deck systems

for livestock transport ships

Deck systems for livestock transport ships must above all be non-slip and wear-resistant such that the animals on board have sufficient grip. Bolidt knows your sector and makes its expertise and international experience available.

Resistant to chlorides and salts

Other factors which play a role with deck systems for livestock transport ships are chemical and mechanical resistance. Chemical, because the animal manure contains ammonia, and deck systems also need to withstand chlorides and salt. Mechanical strength, because deck systems need to withstand heavy loads under the hooves of heavy animals. Furthermore, they should remain functional, also in harsh (weather) conditions. And, of course, they must be quick and easy to clean.

Animal welfare

Besides providing grip, the choice of colour also plays a role where animal welfare is concerned. For example, for the deck systems on board of livestock transport ships the colour meadow green can be chosen. Bolidt goes a long way in the technical domain, with the right deck system always being available for all imaginable livestock transport ships.

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Bolideck® ET/NG-K

Designers, shipyards and owners worldwide consciously choose for the reliability of the Bolideck® ET/NG-K deck system. This innovative system has proven itself on board of many ships all over the world. The exceedingly strong and seamless system can be heavily loaded and offers more than enough roughness to afford the animals grip and comfort during the transport.

Strong, hard-wearing and easy to clean

Bolidtop® ET/NG-K is a very strong and seamless deck finishing system based on low-viscosity two component-synthetic resins. The viscosity of the deck system is determined depending on the type of ship. Bolideck® ET/NG-K is not only very strong and wear-resistant, it can also withstand the acids in the animal manure. The deck system is, furthermore, easy to clean.


Bolideck® NT/NG is applied in liquid form at shipyards all over the world. It is applied by our own Bolidt specialists.

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