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ship deck specialist for river cruise ships

Bolidt is the specialist in ship deck systems for river cruise ships. With innovative systems and solutions for ship decks, Bolidt meets the requirements of ship-owners, architects, shipyards and interior designers of river cruise ships.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production, application and refitting of deck systems, Bolidt is the logical choice for players in the river cruise industry all around the world. They not only choose the Bolidt innovative deck systems because of the unheard of visual possibilities and environmental friendliness. The long service life and ease of maintenance are just as important.

Innovative ship deck systems

for river cruise ships

In the field of innovative deck systems, Bolidt provides everything under one roof. As a result, Bolidt can optimally respond to the wishes and ever higher demands of customers concerning safety, durability and design. Bolidt sets the present and future standard for deck systems for river, sea and ocean cruise ships, and for other passenger ships too.

Passenger safety

The Bolideck® systems are anti-slip and are applied seamlessly. This reduces the risk of slipping and falling, and improves passenger safety. Bolidt deck systems are water resistant and provide optimal safety in both wet and dry conditions. Naturally, Bolidt deck systems are IMO certified and comply with the most recent legislation and regulations.

Infinite design possibilities

For colour and design, Bolidt deck systems offer infinite possibilities. At Bolidt, you will find everything under one roof; from design to application. Therefore, we can go far in the functional and aesthetic domains. Whatever your design wishes, Bolidt makes them come true!

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The service life of Bolidt ship deck systems is very long, especially in comparison to alternative products. 

Furthermore, the Bolidt deck systems score high on environmental friendliness; an aspect focussed on in the cruise industry.


Because Bolidt deck systems do not absorb water, the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi is minimal. They are low-maintenance and easy to keep clean, with a minimum of hindrance for passengers.

For each space

Each space on board of a river cruise ship poses specific requirements for the decks. Indoor decks, outdoor decks, play areas, sports areas, sun decks, cabins; for each space, Bolidt provides the right deck system.

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Bolideck® Future Teak

Teak ships' decks, both indoors and outdoors, were the standard in the river cruise industry for many years. The disadvantages of teak in the field of environmental friendliness, functionality and the financial aspect, have, however, paved the way for Bolideck® Future Teak. The new choice of an environmentally-conscious generation.

The better alternative

Bolideck® Future Teak has amply proven itself as the better alternative for teak. For both new construction and for existing river cruise ships, Bolideck® Future Teak is the choice for an environmentally-conscious generation.

Sustainable, lightweight, cost efficient

Bolideck® Future Teak is sustainable, cost efficient and lightweight. The lower weight helps reduce fuel costs. Bolideck® Future Teak is also relatively simple and quick to apply. And, differently to traditional teak decks, Bolideck® Future Teak is an ecologically responsible choice. Important features, such as weather resistance and low-maintenance, are integral components of this deck system.

Freedom in design

With Bolideck® Future Teak, designers and architects are no longer bound by the limitations of traditional designs. This innovative deck system is available in a myriad of colours and can be installed in every imaginable shape or required pattern. This provides endless design freedom.

Goes together perfectly

The Bolideck® Future Teak deck system is compatible with all existing Bolideck® deck systems. It can be customised as you wish and adapted for sports decks, for example.

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