Boligrip 3200

  • Parking deck BMW-Mini Oostzaan Boligrip

    Boligrip® 3200

Boligrip® 3200

Boligrip 3200 is an environment-friendly slip-resistant, crack-bridging, watertight and UV-resistant floor finishing system, which has been specially developed for parking decks and parking levels with an increased chance of crack formation. The coloured inert aggregates broadcast into the pigmented compound produce a wear-resistant finish. The system is seamless, durable, liquid tight, crack bridging, low maintenance and applied on site by in-house specialists.
Boligrip 3200 can be cleaned with commonly available cleaning products. Cleaning this system requires special attention because of its inherent texture.

Boligrip 3200 meets the Bfl-s1 ‘classification of reaction to fire performance in accordance with EN 13501-1:2018’ and the Boligrip 3200 complies with class Broof(t1) according to the EN 13501-5:2016 reaction to fire performance standard.

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Boligrip 3200 is a floor finishing system based on two-component, solvent-free, low-viscosity synthetic resin. The Boligrip 3200 system has been specially developed for application on parking decks and parking levels with an increased chance of crack formation. The Boligrip 3200 system has 0.35 mm crack-bridging capacity. This applies to existing cracks as well as new cracks that may develop in the substrate after the Boligrip 3200 system has been installed. The system has been tested for 1,000 cycles at a frequency of 1 Hz (once per second). A sine of about 0.05 was applied on top of this 20,000 times to represent the day and night rhythm.

The Boligrip 3200 system has been tested to NEN 1062-7: Paints and varnishes - Coating materials and coating systems for exterior masonry and concrete - Part 7: Determination of crack bridging properties. The system is rated Class B 3.2.

A watertight membrane is part of this system. The membrane has been tested and approved according to EN-1928-2000 Flexible sheets for waterproofing - Bitumen, plastics and rubber sheets for waterproofing - Determination of watertightness. Method B.

Boligrip 3200 has an SRT value >65 and therefore meets the requirements set out in the NEN 2443 standard.

Mechanical properties

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Chemical resistivity

Diesel oil
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Brake fluid
Windscreen washer fluid
Exhaust fumes

Electrical properties


Car park Katwolderplein Zwolle
Car park building ‘De Zeeheld’ Den Haag
Car park building BMW Oostzaan
Car park building Aarkade Alphen aan den Rijn
Pendel Parking Aalst
Car park Osdorpplein Amsterdam
  • Parkeergarage Katwolderplein Zwolle Bolidtop 200P
  • Parking deck BMW-Mini Oostzaan Boligrip
  • Parking deck BMW-Mini Oostzaan Boligrip
  • Parking deck BMW-Mini Oostzaan Boligrip
  • Parking deck BMW-Mini Oostzaan Boligrip

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