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    Boligrip® 1250

Boligrip® 1250

Boligrip 1250 is used as a surface course on steel and concrete bridge decks, pontoons and ramps.
Boligrip 1250 is a viscous-elastic, slip-resistant, robust and extremely durable floor finishing system. These properties make the Boligrip 1250 system particularly suitable for outdoor applications and a good combination with additional waterproofing membranes. The material scattered into the Boligrip 1250 compound produces a highly wear-resistant system. The system is seamless, durable, liquid tight, low maintenance and applied on site by in-house specialists. The colour of the Boligrip 1250 system is determined by the colour of the natural aggregate. The Boligrip 1250 compound is made to match the colour of the aggregate material.

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Technical properties

Boligrip 1250 is a floor finishing system based on low-viscosity two-component synthetic resins that are low odour. Boligrip 1250 is resistant to most common chemicals. Boligrip 1250 can be cleaned with commonly available cleaning products.
Boligrip 1250 carries the Kiwa product certificate based on Kiwa evaluation guideline BRL K19143.

Mechanical properties

Boligrip 1250 is resistant to the most usual loads.

Lorry traffic
Passenger car traffic
Ice formation

Chemical resistivity

Boligrip 1250 is resistant to the most usual chemicals.

Bird droppings
Engine oil
Chewing gum
Soft drink

Electrical properties

No electrical properties have been specified for Boligrip 1250.


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