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    The fruit and vegetables world is
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    The Bolidt floor system contributes
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    The fresh produce sector places
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The fresh produce sector is all about fruit and vegetables. It is, however, much more comprehensive than that. This is the result of the changing wishes of the modern consumer, who increasingly selects convenience vegetables, salads, chilled meals and sliced fruit. That requires other production processes, hygiene demands and production environments. And thereby also other industrial floors.

In more than 50 years, Bolidt has gathered a wealth of know-how and experience in developing, producing and applying synthetic floors. Bolidt is thus, nationally and internationally, a much in demand partner for companies in the foodstuff industry. Thanks to the amassed expertise and experience, they can be confident that the innovative Bolidt floors meet the standards such as the BRC Food Safety, IFS Food and FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000). All are approved standards according to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Innovative floors


The fruit and vegetables world is changing and more dynamic than ever. R&D, process and product technology are ever more important to match the needs of the modern consumer. Vegetables and fruit are no longer only rinsed and packaged. More and more processing is needed before it ends up as a finished product in the shops. Think, for example, of slicing, juice extraction and processing into convenience vegetables, sliced fruit, juices, potato chips, salads and chilled meals. Thereby, the importance of hygiene and food safety grows and other production processes and environments are needed.

Far-reaching technical possibilities

The Netherlands is leading in agro-knowledge, automation and transport. Now production processes within fruit and vegetables  companies change, other demands are placed on production environments. With innovative floor systems, Bolidt contributes to a modern fresh produce environment in which hygiene, safety, efficiency and transport are central. Bolidt offers everything under one roof: from design and production up to and including application. Bolidt floors are applied by own specialists who operate flexibly all over the world. Also in the technical domain, Bolidt goes very far whereby it always has the right floor solution for every space in fresh produce companies available.


Functional, forever

For every space in a modern fresh produce production environment, Bolidt has floor systems available; strong, low-maintenance and easy to clean. Furthermore, the Bolidt synthetic floors for fresh produce companies are impermeable, pore-free and resistant to chemicals. Functional properties which are also guaranteed in the long-term because Bolidt's floor advice is focussed on providing the customer peace of mind for more than 20 years. Intensive traffic with forklift trucks and sliding pallets in shipping and packaging spaces is possible on the Bolidt floors in fresh produce companies without causing problems for the floors.

Safety and security

Companies in the fresh produce sector are subject to many different mandatory and optional certifications. Bolidt knows, among others, GLOBALG.A.P., BRC, IFS, QS, RIK, SKAL and GFSI well. Also in other sectors in the foodstuff industry, Bolidt has much experience with certifications and regulations in the realm of hygiene and safety. The foolproof and hygienic Bolidt synthetic floor systems can also contribute to the certification of a production environment.

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Bolidtop® 700

Companies in the fruit and vegetables sector like to choose the Bolidtop® 700 synthetic floor finish. This floor system has a high mechanical strength so it can be loaded with heavy transport equipment without problems. Also in the long-term, this mechanical strength is guaranteed. That also counts for the other properties including anti-slip, hygienic aspects and detailing. Because the floor system is low-maintenance, production interruptions are kept to a minimum.

For every fresh produce application

Bolidtop® 700 is a mechanically compounded and seamless floor finish based on low-viscosity two component synthetic resins which are low-odour. The anti-slip properties of Bolidtop® 700 are adjustable and can be tuned to every wet and dry fresh produce application - from heavy forklift truck traffic and pallet transport to cool cells and cleanroom conditions.

Hygienic and safe

Hygiene and safety are important aspects in the fresh produce sector. Daily, water is used to rinse the fruit and vegetables. The abundance of water places specific demands on the industrial floor; this must be safe (ant-slip) to prevent falls and also hygienic: impermeable and dirt-resistant. Bolidtop® 700 meets these demands and, thanks to the seamless character it is suited to all methods of cleaning which are used in fresh produce companies.


Bolidtop® 700 is processed fluid by our own Bolidt specialists, or by certified partners. Bolidtop® 700 is available in the 23 terrazzo colours of the Bolidt Colour Manager. Further, the Bolidtop® 700 system contributes to achieving a BREEAM certificate.

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