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specialist in flooring for car parks

Bolidt is the ultimate specialist in synthetic flooring for car parks. Bolidt understands better than anyone that flooring in car parks must be strong, antiskid and easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, experience and a feeling of safety are gaining in importance. These are being provided for with the use of music, images, colours and scents, for example. The flooring in the car parks also adds to this. Nowadays it is attractive and pleasant to look at.

Bolidt has over 50 years' experience in the development, production and application of synthetic flooring, and is a frequently sought-after partner for car parks all around the world. Customers rely on Bolidt's innovative flooring because of its aesthetic and functional qualities, and other characteristics such as a long service life and ease of maintenance.

Innovative synthetic flooring

for car parks

Building or renovating car parks is team work. Bolidt is a one-stop-shop manufacturer of synthetic flooring. Bolidt is a frequently sought-after team player for innovative, durable and attractive flooring systems. Bolidt relieves the burden for customers, is familiar with the standards and helps with decisions regarding materials, sustainability, aesthetics, functional requirements, certification, way-finding and maintenance.

Functional under all conditions

Synthetic flooring for car parks requires specific qualities. Crack bridging prevents permeability. In general, Bolidt floor finishing ensures durable protection of the concrete construction.
The use of extremely hard-wearing materials prolongs the life of Bolidt floor systems. Resistance to the penetration of chemicals such as fuels and lubricants is important for the environment and for ease of cleaning. A good anti-slip finish is essential to ensure safety. Each position in a car park, such as the parking zone, lane and ramp, demands a specific system and Bolidt can advise you in this respect.

Unlimited design options

User experience is an increasingly important element in the construction and renovation of car parks. Bolidt likes to share ideas with clients on this, and demonstrates to them how users can feel more comfortable and safer. 

A myriad of options is available for this. These include specific colours, signs, variable texture and using numbered parking spaces. The aesthetic options are also endless. 

Brainstormers by nature

Bolidt’s unique integrated chain makes it possible for us to be a partner that provides you with input and advice, and meets every challenge. Also when the client has specific requirements, such as a 25-year maintenance contract. And equally important: with regard to creating more parking spaces, way-finding and the right experience.

Little maintenance, long service life

Due to the use of specially-selected and thoroughly-tested materials, Bolidt synthetic flooring has an extremely long life. If you want certainty upfront and problem-free maintenance, then opt for a customised maintenance contract.

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Innovative solutions for parking spaces (P) and lanes (R)

Every space in a car park demands specific qualities. All of Bolidt's flooring systems are seamless, durable, low-maintenance and laid on-site. There is a major difference between flooring systems for parking zones and lanes, as the two positions are subject to different loads.

Parking spaces (P)

Roughly two thirds of the floor surface of the car park consists of parking zones. The spaces can be marked with coloured lines or contrasting coloured surfaces (mats). When users get out of their car, the special texture will add to a feeling of safety. The floor finishing must also be where-resistant and easy to clean A proper liquid impermeability and chemical resistance are essential. Leaking fuel, lubricants and other fluids are unable to permeate the subfloor or to damage or contaminate the floor permanently.

Lanes (R)

The lanes in car parks lead the visitors' cars alongside the parking spaces and this position is subject to a highly intensive load. Safety is of primary importance here. The lanes must be rigid, to prevent skidding and squeaking. High wear resistance is essential for durability and to maintain a fresh appearance the flooring must be easy to clean.

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