Boligrip 50 P

  • Parkeerkelder De Hallen Zuid-Kwintijn Amsterdam Boligrip 50P

    Boligrip® 50 P

Boligrip® 50 P

Boligrip 50 P has been specially developed for application on parking bay areas in car parks. Boligrip 50 P is an environment-friendly, slip-resistant floor finishing system based on waterborne two-component synthetic resins. The inert aggregates broadcast and incorporated into the pigmented compound produce a wear-resistant finish. The system is seamless, durable, liquid tight, low maintenance, applied on site by in-house specialists and available in many colours.

Boligrip 50 P meets the Bfl-s1 ‘classification of reaction to fire performance in accordance with EN 13501-1:2018’.
Boligrip 50 P contributes to BREEAM certification.

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Technical properties

Boligrip 50 P is a vapour-open floor finishing system based on low-viscosity two-component synthetic resins that are waterborne and low odour. Boligrip 50 P can be applied to a slightly damp substrate. This floor finish is slip resistant because of the inert aggregates scattered and rolled into the wet compound. The aggregates have an approximate PSV (Polished Stone Value) of 77. Boligrip 50 P is resistant to most common chemicals and can be cleaned with commonly available cleaning products.

Mechanical properties

Passenger car traffic
Bicycle traffic
Motorcycle traffic
Foot traffic
Cleaning machines

Chemical resistivity

Diesel oil
Engine oil
Brake fluid
Windscreen washer fluid
Exhaust fumes


Car park Acta Amsterdam
Car park De Nieuwe Markt Roosendaal
Car park Gershwin Brothers Amsterdam
Car park Katwolderplein Zwolle
Car park Kruisplein Rotterdam
Underground car park Lidl Tilburg
Car park Lidl Huizen
Car park PGGM Zeist
Car park Schouwburgplein Rotterdam
Car park Vredenburg Hoog Catharijne Utrecht
Car park Westluidense Poort Tiel
Car park Zilverpark Lelystad
Car park Jaarbeursplein Utrecht
Car park WTC Rotterdam
Car park Albert Heijn Lunteren
Car park Helicon The Hague
Car park WPC Rotterdam
Car park Central Plaza Rotterdam
Car park Noord Boulevard Scheveningen
Car park Pottenbakkersingel Middelburg
Car park building Berlijnplein Utrecht
  • Parkeergarage Pottenbakkerssingel Middelburg Boligrip 50P
  • Parkeergarage Central Plaza Rotterdam Interparking Boligrip 50P
  • Groninger Forum Groningen Boligrip 50P
  • Parkeergarage Zilverpark Lelystad Boligrip 50P
  • Parkeergarage Europlaza Amsterdam Boligrip 50P

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