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specialist in wear layers for roads, runways and platforms

Bolidt is the specialist when it comes to synthetic wear layers for roads, runways and platforms. No one knows better than Bolidt that synthetic wear layers here need to be strong, durable and maintenance-free. Other factors that play a crucial role are elasticity, crack-bridging and chemical resistance. As well as increasing the clarity and safety with the smart use of colours and scatter materials.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production, and application of synthetic wear layers, Bolidt is a much sought-after partner for the construction and renovation of roads, runways and platforms all around the world. Clients trust the innovative Bolidt wear layers, thanks to the functional properties and aesthetic characteristics.

Innovative synthetic wear layers

for roads, runways and platforms

Building or renovating roads, runways and platforms is teamwork. Bolidt offers everything under one roof for synthetic wear layers. Thereby, Bolidt is an in-demand team player for innovative, durable and exceedingly strong wear layers. Bolidt offers total peace of mind, knows the standards and advises about materials, durability, aesthetics, functional requirements, certification, planning and maintenance.

Functional under all conditions

Synthetic wear layers for roads, runways and platforms require specific qualities. The Bolidt wear layers are more durable than traditional products. Thanks to functionality, durability and the near maintenance-free character, Bolidt synthetic wear layers have proven their worth in many areas. Even on runways which have withstood the impact of F-16s taking off and landing, which also places high demands on the stand-by platforms.

Runways and stand-by platforms

Runways and stand-by platforms require extra measures. They need to provide friction and be jet fuel resistant, and the scatter material must be completely bonded in the wear layer to prevent damage to the aircraft engines. Hangers are fitted out with conductive floors because of the high-tech maintenance of aircraft. And the freight hangers are fitted out with a hard-wearing Bolidt wear layer because freight handling involves many transport movements.

Heated road surface

The material used in the Boligrip® wear layers is strong and durable: there is no rutting and it can withstand the destructive forces of road salts, chemicals, oils, petrol and jet fuel. 

It has, in contrast with bitumen-bonded paving, a high initial friction. Bolidt provides the solution for vital sections of roads which can become extremely slippery in the winter. With this road surface heating system, the heating cable is 3 mm under the surface of the Boligrip® wear layer.

Hybrid system

Boligrip® is designed for traffic loading and movements of the road construction. The synthetic wear layer can also be applied as a hybrid system. The first layer provides elasticity and the second layer provides wear-resistance. Very Porous Synthetic stands out thanks to its excellent water storing and water shedding properties, noise reduction and wear-resistance.

Little maintenance, long service life

The synthetic Bolidt wear layers have a very long service life and are low-maintenance. If you want advance certainty and problem-free maintenance, opt for a maintenance contract.

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Boligrip® 1250

Roads, runways and platforms require specific properties. All Bolidt synthetic wear layers are seamless, durable, low-maintenance and are processed in-situ. The tough elastic Boligrip® 1250 system is very suitable for intensive traffic thanks to the balanced layer thickness. There is a choice of additives. These determine the ultimate friction and appearance.

Little maintenance, little hindrance

The Boligrip® 1250 system has a very long service life. Thanks to the high wear resistance of this system, almost no maintenance is required. Fewer roadworks makes a difference, not only in the costs, but hindrance for the users is also prevented.

Very high PSV

Based on service life expectation, Bolidt advises scattering stone-chippings with a high PSV (Polish Stone Value) in the wear layer. 

The high PSV guarantees a long service life with lasting friction. Bolidt has now already created more than 200,000 m2 of wearing layer on the Dutch national motorway network. Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, it also monitors the specific properties, such as bonding and friction of the wear layer. The results are very positive; a long service life is guaranteed.

Kiwa certificate

The Boligrip® 1250 series has the Kiwa certificate based on BRL K19143.

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