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specialist in wear layers for bridges and viaducts

Bolidt is the specialist when it comes to synthetic wear layers for bridges and viaducts. Bolidt knows better than anyone that synthetic wear layers on bridges must be strong, durable and maintenance-free. Other factors which play a crucial role are elasticity, crack-bridging and chemical resistance. Just like increasing traffic safety by means of the smart application of colours and scatter materials.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production, and application of synthetic wear layers, Bolidt is a much sought-after partner for the building and renovation of bridges and viaducts all around the world. Clients trust the innovative Bolidt wear layers, thanks to the functional properties and aesthetic characteristics.

Innovative synthetic wear layers

for bridges and viaducts

Building or renovating bridges and viaducts is teamwork. Bolidt offers everything under one roof for synthetic wear layers. Thereby, Bolidt is a much sought-after team player for innovative, durable and strong wear layers. Bolidt removes worries, knows the standards and thinks along with the customer about materials, durability, aesthetics, functional criteria, approval and maintenance.

Functional under all conditions

Synthetic wear layers for bridges and viaducts require specific qualities. Bolidt wear layers are more durable than traditional products. Thanks to functionality, durability and their almost maintenance-free character, Bolidt synthetic wear layers have proven their worth in the civil engineering sector. The name Boligrip® is synonymous for durable synthetic wear layers for wooden, concrete or steel bridge and viaduct decks.

Heated road surface

The material applied in the Boligrip® wear layers is strong and durable: rutting does not occur and it is resistant to the damaging influence of road salts, chemicals, oils and petrol. It has, as opposed to bitumen-based surfaces, a high initial friction. Entry and exit ramps and vital sections of the road surface can also be electrically heated.

Hybrid system

Boligrip® is designed for both traffic loading and movements of the road construction. The synthetic wear layer can also be applied as a hybrid system. The first layer provides elasticity and the second layer provides wear resistance. Porous Synthetic Material stands out due to the excellent performance of water storing and water shedding capacity, noise reduction and high wear resistance.

Traffic safety

In new construction as well as in the renovation of bridges and viaducts, traffic safety is receiving ever more attention. Bolidt likes to think along and demonstrates how the specific use of colour and decorative scattered material for footpath, bicycle path and road surface can contribute to increased clarity and traffic safety. The possibilities are endless.

Natural proponents

The unique integrated business column enables Bolidt to be a partner that contributes, advises and tackles challenges. Also where specific client requirements are concerned, such as extra water storage capability in the finish of entry and exit ramps and heated road surfaces.

Little maintenance, long service life

Bolidt synthetic wear surfaces have a very long service life and are low-maintenance. If you want advance certainty and problem-free maintenance, choose a maintenance contract.

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Boligrip® 1250 and Boligrip® W

Wear layers for bridges and viaducts require specific properties. All Bolidt wear layers are seamless, durable, low-maintenance and are processed in-situ. There is an important difference between the wear layers for concrete and steel bases because the behaviour of the two materials is completely different.

Boligrip® 1250 for steel

A steel bridge will in practice expand and twist more than a concrete structure and therefore requires a more flexible system. Bolidt advises the Boligrip® 1250 system on steel bases. This tough elastic synthetic wearing layer is very suitable for intensive car traffic thanks to the balanced layer thickness. There is a choice of additives. These determine the final non-slip properties and the appearance. A rough, non-slip finish is required on ramps and parking decks where frequent wet loading takes place.

Boligrip® W for concrete

For concrete bases, Bolidt advises the Boligrip® W system. A concrete bridge is stiffer, more stable and much heavier than a steel bridge and can use a more rigid system. Also for Boligrip® W, there is a choice of various scatter materials which determine the final friction and appearance.

Little maintenance, little hinder

Both the Boligrip® 1250 and the Boligrip® W systems have a very long service life. Thanks to the high wear resistance of these systems, almost no maintenance is required. Less roadworks not only reduces the costs, it also prevents hindrance for road users.

Very high PSV value

Based on service life expectation, Bolidt advises to scatter calcined bauxite in the wear layer. This material has a very high PSV value (Polished Stone Value) which guarantees a long service life. Bolidt has already constructed more than 200,000 m2 of wear layer on national trunk roads and motorways, and monitors the wear layers on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Waterways and Public Works. The results are very positive; a long service life is guaranteed.

Kiwa certificate

Both the Boligrip® 1250 series and the Boligrip® W series have the Kiwa certificate based on BRL K19143.

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