Bolicoat 50

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    Bolicoat® 50

Bolicoat® 50

This pigmented coating system is intended for dustbinding purposes and is fit in at low initial costs. Environmentally friendly due to the use of waterborne synthetic resins. Short setting and drying time. And: seamless, durable, low-maintenance and applied on site by own specialists.

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Technical properties

Bolicoat 50 is a 300 micron thick (floor) coating based on low-viscous, two component synthetic resins. The system consists of three layers. This water-borne coating system is practically odourless, water vapour permeable and non-flammable. Bolicoat 50 can be applied to a slightly damp surface. Surfaces covered with this coating are dust-free and look well cared for. The texture of the surface remains highly visible however. Bolicoat 50 is resistant to a great number of chemicals and is applied in liquid form. A wide range of colours gives the architect many possibilities so that Bolicoat 50 fits into the atmosphere of the environment.

Mechanical properties

Bolicoat 50 is resistant to the most usual loads.

Forklift traffic
Falling objects
Foot traffic
Motorized pallet trucks

Chemical resistivity

Bolicoat 50 is resistant to the most usual chemicals and cleaning products.

Electrical properties

Bolicoat 50 is conductive.

Resistance structure
Safety resistance
Discharge time


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Meander Medical Centrum Amersfoort
Royal Cosun Dinteloord
RWG building Rotterdam
UMC Utrecht
Vergeer Cheese Reeuwijk
Shipping and transport college Rotterdam
Ziggo Dome Amsterdam
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