Bolidt, specialist in floors for laboratories

  • Sainsbury Lab Cambridge Bolidtop 525

    Quality, hygiene and durability

  • Nanotechniek Delft Bolidtop Stato 500

    Delft Research Center Nanotechnology

  • Laboratorium voor hoge magneetvelden KUN Nijmegen Bolidtop 500

    Avoids Electro Static Discharge

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    Sustainable basis for Danone Innovation Centre

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    BREEAM certified


specialist in floors for laboratories

As the specialist in synthetic floors for laboratories, Bolidt knows better than anyone that the laboratory is the heart of the organisation. The centre for R&D, for quality checks of raw materials and finished products, and for determining ranges and tolerances. That requires high-quality floors, often with specific properties.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development and application of synthetic floors, Bolidt is a frequently sought-after partner for organisations operating laboratories. They trust Bolidt's innovative floors on account of the aesthetic characteristics but most of all the functional properties such as hygiene according to HACCP standards, chemical resistance, ESD conductivity and ease of maintenance.

Innovative synthetic floors

for laboratories

Building laboratories for the chemical industry, health care, pharmaceutical industry and education is teamwork. Bolidt offers everything under one roof for synthetic floors. As such, Bolidt is a frequently sought-after team player for innovative, hygienic and durable flooring systems. Bolidt relieves, knows the standards and thinks with the customer about materials, durability, aesthetics, functional requirements, certifications and maintenance.

Floors for all spaces

Depending on the activities which take place there, specific demands apply to a laboratory or testing area. Static electricity, dust particles, dirt, bacteria and chemicals; there may be unique "threats". Bolidt supplies floor and wall finishes specially designed to deal with those threats. Floors which meet the most stringent international standards and criteria and are in keeping with the HACCP-policy.

Specific customer requirements

The specialists at Bolidt love to think with the customer about any specific requirements they may have, such as chemical-resistant floors that are able to withstand even the most caustic chemicals. Impermeability is crucial when it comes to maintenance, hygiene and contamination. Seamless and elastic wall finishes ensure optimal hygiene, turning the space, as it were, into a watertight "cocoon", from drain to ceiling.


Bolidt also supplies flooring systems which minimise the danger of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). These systems stand out thanks to a unique concept called spot conductivity. Every square millimetre is checked for static electricity, which is dissipated or prevented even before any hazards can arise.

Little maintenance, long service life

Bolidt's synthetic floors have a very long service life. They are very low-maintenance and easy to keep clean. If you want certainty upfront and problem-free maintenance, go for a maintenance contract.

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Bolidtop® Stato 500 SAR I

For years and years, Bolidt makes perfect floors for applications in laboratories used in the chemical industry, health care, pharmaceutical industry and education. Flooring that is resistant to solvents because of its seamless, pore-dense, and completely smooth surfaces, which makes it suited for working with organic solvents and calibrated equipment. Floors that are low-maintenance and easy to clean. And because of their decorative design, they offer workers a modern and fresh look. The preferred choice for laboratories is Bolidtop® Stato 500 SAR I.

Electroconductive, completely smooth

Bolidtop® Stato 500 SAR I is an electroconductive flooring system that offers a completely smooth and level finish. It was developed for application on electrically insulated surfaces and is seamless, durable, liquid-impermeable and low-maintenance. The electrical properties guarantee personal safety and comply with the international standards. Copper strips are not used. The high level of chemical resistance (especially against organic solvents and inorganic acids) make this system unique. The flooring is suited for light and medium-heavy mechanical loads. An optional chemical-resistant decorative ensures a neat appearance. Bolidtop® Stato 500 SAR I is applied to an electrically insulated surface.

Wide range of colours

Bolidtop® Stato 500 SAR I is available in a wide range of colours. The flooring system is suitable for laboratories, clean rooms, battery charging stations, filling spaces, emergency bins, operating theatres, (petro)chemical production spaces and the processing of polyolefins.


Bolidtop® Stato 500 SAR I is applied in liquid form by the company's own specialists or by certified partners.

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