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  • Van Rosmalen kliniek Rotterdam Bolidtop 525 AM

    Van Rosmalen Clinic receives facelift with
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Aging beautifully, a fresh and rested look or correcting something you have never been happy with. These are the promises that the Van Rosmalen Clinic has been fulfilling for an increasing number of clients ever since it was founded in 2011. The clinic has been doing this in Rotterdam and since 2015 also in its location in Nijmegen. Bolidt was asked to advice medical doctor and founder Annemarie van Rosmalen on a suitable floor finish for the Rotterdam clinic. The optimal choice proved to be the aesthetic Bolidtop® 525 flooring system, not only a clean, seamless floor finish, but one with built-in antimicrobial technology.

  • Van Rosmalen kliniek Rotterdam Bolidtop 525 AMCredits: Sebastian van Damme
  • Van Rosmalen kliniek Rotterdam Bolidtop 525 AM
  • Van Rosmalen kliniek Rotterdam Bolidtop 525 AM
  • Van Rosmalen kliniek Rotterdam Bolidtop 525 AM

Cosmetic treatments

Just like in other parts of the world, more and more people in the Netherlands no longer have qualms about stepping into a private clinic for one or more cosmetic treatments. Trust and a comfortable feeling are of the greatest importance to clients. These can be created, on the one hand, by the way in which the doctors and staff communicate with them. On the other hand, the interior and ambiance of the clinic has an important impact on how clients feel and experience their visit. Hygiene also plays an important role, both in client experience and in the day-to-day processes at the clinic.

Antimicrobial technology

The basic requirements for the Van Rosmalen Clinic were clearly defined in consultation with the customer and based on Bolidt’s experience in the health care sector. First of all, as the Van Rosmalen Clinic provides treatments including Botox injections, fillers, micro-needling, chemical peels and liquid facelifts, the floor had to be hygienic and easy to keep clean. The Bolidtop® 525 flooring system, enhanced with antimicrobial technology, presents the perfect solution for such an environment. This successful technology has been specially developed by Bolidt for the healthcare sector and uses a mechanical process to prevent the reproduction and survival of multi-resistant bacteria. Bacteria therefore stand no chance in the Van Rosmalen Clinic.

Professional and client focussed

In addition to the functional requirements, it was important to create the right experience; a unique combination of client focus and professionalism in a pleasant and personal ambiance. Anyone walking into the clinic should get the feeling that they are in a healthy, clean and even sterile environment. At the same time, the atmosphere in the clinic should be professional, but certainly not cold and distant. This has been achieved successfully by choosing a light grey colour that fits in beautifully with the rest of the interior. A special detail is that the name Van Rosmalen Clinic has been incorporated into the flooring in a subtle white colour.

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