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European Parliament

Being misunderstood or feeling ignorant can lead to awkward situations. A well-meaning Irish farmer who, having won a trip to America, enthusiastically shouts at the barman: ‘Great crack in here!’ With the sun blazing down on your back, trying to explain in your best Spanish to a Mexican policeman that you have been robbed. Both cases are bound to lead to trouble.

  • Europees Parlement Brussel Bolidtop Print
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The European Parliament (EP) knows perfectly well that being understood as an organization and preventing ignorance among Europeans have a high priority. Throughout Europe, the EP is seeking to achieve this in various ways. In The Hague in the Netherlands, there is the information office of the EP, also called the House of Europe. What is European legislation and what is the EP’s role in the legislative process? Why the Euro? How did the EU evolve? What are the political developments within the EU member states and how do they affect my life? Visit the information office and boost your EU knowledge. An unprecedented amount of (inside) information has been made available in this one location – ultramodern, high-tech and dashing.In the museum, for instance, where numerous subjects are presented in chronological order.

The EP information building features many innovations. Every space in the museum offers a unique experience and makes you feel as if you have been transported to a special, almost futuristic world with the very latest technology. A real eye-catcher is the detailed, interactive map of Europe that has been incorporated into the floor. It has integrated pressure sensors, providing a visitor with information about the country and part that he or she stands on. Lighting and audio fragments complete the experience. For the realization of this map, the EP approached Bolidt. With its Bolidtop® Print flooring system, Bolidt can incorporate any desired drawing or picture into a high-quality floor finish. The experienced experts from Bolidt were able to smoothly work around objects such as electrical boxes and supporting columns.

The map has thus become an integral part of the space as a whole. Other exhibition spaces have been fitted with the sought-after Bolidtop® 525, a visually versatile flooring system that makes optimum use of the strong impact of colour. Bolidt is delighted to be given the opportunity to map out this exceptional House!

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