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Architectural firm cepezed from Delft focuses on combining unprecedented creativity with a naturalistic functionality. From their modest offices they design powerful designs based on personal visions, and always combine their own expertise with the expertise of others. This approach has resulted in a leading position in the architectural industry. In many designs cepezed has chosen Bolidt flooring – as in the impressive new offices of the agency itself.

  • Architectenbureau Cepezed Delft Bolidtop 525
  • Architectenbureau Cepezed Delft Bolidtop 525
  • Architectenbureau Cepezed Delft Bolidtop 525
  • Architectenbureau Cepezed Delft Bolidtop 525

The profile of cepezed

The architectural firm has seen significant development over the years. The recurring theme of cepezed is a strive for simplicity based on the complexity of architecture. Aesthetics are obviously important; however they should always link to functionality. In their designs they have no restrictions and where others stop, cepezed looks for and always finds the appropriate solution.

When it comes to flooring, cepezed often chooses Bolidt. Both companies have a long tradition of cooperation and business relationship, to the point that Bolidt was chosen to realise and implement the synthetic flooring that would go into the cepezed offices of - an impressive building that previously housed an art museum. This demonstrates the trust and mutual respect between the two companies.


The extensive collaboration between the companies has manifested itself in many, diverse projects. An example is the project at Applikon Biotechnology. Cepezed designed the new headquarters for the developer and producer of bioreactors. The building follows its production process and the spatial arrangement consists of two connected blocks. The different demands from each section of the building required a system that could accommodate for all, leading to the choice of Bolidtop® 525.

Cepezed also chose to incorporate this flooring system in the Danone Innovation Center, part of Nutricia Research. Around 450 employees investigate the possibilities for innovation in infant nutrition and medical nutrition in this centre for research and innovation.

The building was designed by cepezed with a view to creating a dynamic, inspiring and open environment. Bolidtop® 525 not only provides an enhanced spatial effect, but also meets the requirements in terms of durability and longevity. The Danone Innovation Center wanted to achieve the BREEAM-NL Excellent sustainability certificate for which the quality of the floor was of importance. Partly by choosing Bolidtop® 525, the certificate was awarded to the research and innovation centre.

Another example of the successful collaboration between Bolidt and cepezed is the European Space Innovation Center (ESIC). Numerous companies, organisations and institutions in the field of aerospace are located in this multi-tenant business building. The ESIC building, designed by cepezed, immediately catches the eye in a positive way. With its U-shape and curved roof the building is a true architectural masterpiece. The fact that durability is of great importance, is demonstrated by the Bolidtop® 525 floor system Bolidt applied. The application, composition and longevity of the materials make this floor very durable.

New office for cepezed

Cepezed has moved their offices to the former technology museum in Delft and now operates from one of the monumental halls of the industrial building dating from the twentieth century. The building has certain authentic elements such as an open, iron roof construction, a heavy crane track and gallery floors that give the building character. This combined with a high degree of daylight makes the former museum building to a suitable home for cepezed.

Obviously cepezed designed the renovation of their very own space. The main goal was not to change the industrial architectural character of the building. For this reason the choice of flooring naturally fell on synthetic. Given the long relationship already established with Bolidt, the company was undoubtedly chosen to be the supplier of the floors. The flooring chosen to finish such a great design was the Bolidtop® 525, as it met all current and future requirements in terms of durability and aesthetics. The industrial character of the former museum is maintained by the choice of the 525 Bolidtop® floor. Moreover, it is not only maintained, but also strengthened by the flooring.

Why chose synthetic flooring?

In their designs cepezed often chooses a synthetic Bolidt flooring system. Cepezed architect Jan-Willem Visscher explains why: "Cepezed always writes in Bolidt as their provider of seamless and mortar flooring. Bolidt’s consistent quality is experienced throughout the whole process, from consulting to implementation and follow-up. The quality of the product corresponds to the level cepezed pursues in its architecture."

Bolidtop® 525 is a comfortable floor finish that has a high degree of abrasion resistance and ensures a reduction in noise. In addition, the floor must of course match the appearance of the building. In the field of design, Bolidtop® 525 offers unlimited possibilities. The floor system has great versatility in colour capabilities, and always aesthetically fits in within the architect's wishes.

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