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Dear ........,

Thank you for your time during our (virtual) meeting in the Bolidt Innovation Center last ...... We experienced the meeting as very pleasant and valuable.
Based on our meeting we herewith inform you about our strategic values and our specific Dairy related knowledge and systems within the International Dairy Industry.

Please scroll down, click and discover what hygiene, safety, durability and innovation means for us and what we can do for you!
We really appreciate your feedback and look forward to build further on our relationship.

Best regards,
Michel Knaapen

Bolidt in the food industry - specializing in the dairy

Bolidt, innovative in the food industry for more than half a century. Food companies rightly have very high demands when it comes to hygiene and safety and the realization that a floor finish plays a major role in this has grown considerably in recent decades. Thanks to the expertise, experience and Bolidt's innovative character, they can trust that our floors meet the strictest hygiene and safety requirements, including the FDA standards.
Optimal hygiene and safety starts with the basics: the floor. The following applies to every sector of the food industry: a hygienic floor is a seamless, non-porous floor. 

Bolidt provides all know-how and expertise under one roof. To maximise our innovative capacity, we develop, produce and apply our synthetic flooring systems ourselves. Bolidt employs its own application teams to carry out a wide range of projects throughout the world.
The unique integrated value stream enables Bolidt to be a partner who thinks along, advices and takes on challenges.
Bolidt knows the applicable standards and is therefore able to contribute ideas about materials, durability, aesthetics, functional requirements, certifications and maintenance.

Sroll down and get inspired by how Bolidt contributes in the food industry.

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Bolidt flooring advice for the dairy industry

Production processes in the dairy industry are characterised by a damp working environment. To work safely, a non-slip floor surface is essential.  Stringent FDA Bolidt is the specialist in synthetic flooring for the electronics and high-tech industry. It understands better than anyone the importance of having dust-free, smooth flooring that minimises the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD). So we have developed effective body voltage-free flooring systems, for the dairy industry we recommend the Bolidtop 700 Stato. 

Read the test results

Regulations, intensive loading and the use of high pressure cleaners and cleaning materials are also important. The loading of floors in the dairy industry can vary considerably. For example, due to transport via a conveyor belt, it requires floors which can take some knocks, have a long service life and are low-maintenance. Bolidt knows your sector and makes its expertise and experience available. Bolidt has seamless, strong and non-slip floor finishes available for each space.

See below a floor plan of a dairy plant, where a floor advice is given for each space. Or click here for a larger view

Floor map Dairy general floor advice-Stato

floor properties

Completely seamless & Hygienic



Highly mechanical resistant

Chemical resistant

Extremely durable

Low maintenance

Improved life-span cost

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Bolidt is a pioneer in every sector in which it operates and is focused on innovation in order to let its customers excel in their field. The drive to innovate has also led to many groundbreaking, sustainable materials that are now used worldwide in the food industry. It’s a very strong story and one that is too interesting to simply relay. You have to see it, feel it, experience it.. 

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In the food industry, hygiene and safety are at the top of the priority list. Food safety and human and health must not be endangered for a single moment. This includes the dairy industry.

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LEAN methodieken Office

If continuous innovation is the essence of your mission, then being able to respond to changes is essential. Acting proactively on newly arising demands, requirements and possibilities is part of Bolidt's DNA. The entire organization is constantly improving to deliver a better product to our customer, to organize the process more efficiently and to ensure that everyone's motivation and mood is right. Because we have the entire value stream in our own hands, all parts are very closely linked to us and our employees can react extremely quickly.


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Our References. Images often says more than words. A collection of project images.


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Michel Knaapen
Flooring specialist for the dairy industry

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