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  • Ausnutria Hyproca Heerenveen Bolidtop 700

    Bolidt develops innovative dust-free flooring
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Ausnutria Hyproca

From the Netherlands, the dairy centre of the world, Ausnutria Hyproca serves the international market with both private label and own-branded products. The company produces and sells goat’s milk and organic cow’s milk based formula. In addition to infant formulas, Ausnutria Hyproca also supplies other goat’s milk based products, such as yoghurt and cereals. For the business market, it offers private label production of infant formulas and the production and sale of dairy ingredients.

  • Ausnutria Hyproca Heerenveen Bolidtop 700 Stato
  • Ausnutria Hyproca Heerenveen Bolidtop 700
  • Ausnutria Hyproca Heerenveen Bolidtop 700 Stato

Strong international focus

Ausnutria Hyproca is headquartered in Zwolle and has production facilities in Kampen, Leeuwarden and Ommen. Serving customers through a global network, including distributors in China and the US, the company has a strong international focus. Its customers can rely on expertise based on more than 100 years of experience in the dairy industry and excellent quality supplied from Ausnutria Hyproca’s own production locations.

Strict FDA requirements

Because of Ausnutria Hyproca’s international focus, the company is faced with very strict hygiene and safety requirements. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in particular is very critical when it comes to the export of dairy products to the US.

The FDA stipulates, for instance, that flooring in production locations must demonstrably not attract dust. This improves the cleanability of the flooring and the cleanliness of the production environment. A veritable challenge for Ausnutria Hyproca and consequently for Bolidt as it was asked for input on a structural solution to this problem.

Special version

Bolidt’s product and lab specialists set to work for Ausnutria Hyproca on the further development of the Bolidtop® 700 flooring system, which is widely used in the dairy industry. The expertise present at Bolidt and the experience built up in plants of companies like Danone, Fonterra and Royal A-Ware were used to create a special, virtually zero body voltage version of the low-maintenance and durable Bolidtop® 700.

Due to absence of static electricity, this innovative flooring system does not attract dust, allowing the strict FDA requirements to be easily met.

Explosion hazard

In the spaces at Ausnutria Hyproca where dust is generated, an explosion hazard can arise. Concentrated dust clouds floating around these spaces can cause an explosion due to static electricity from people or transport equipment. The Bolidtop® Stato 700 flooring system was installed to prevent such an explosion. This electrically conductive flooring system dissipates static electricity in an innovative way and as such fully meets the strictest requirements regarding ESD safety. Taking both innovative versions together, Bolidt has now installed a total of more than 18,000 square metres of flooring system at Ausnutria Hyproca’s production sites.

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