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Application teams

Synthetic resin bound systems offer many advantages over prefab systems. The functional properties and the shape, thickness, color and design can be customized per project and per customer.

Processing these liquidly applied systems is a job for professionals. Proper work planning is of vital importance and the specialists, who are ultimately responsible for the right result, must have ample experience with the behaviour (setting, flow, drying) of the liquid material. In addition, creativity, knowledge and flexibility are needed to solve ad hoc problems during installation.

From the start Bolidt has worked with processing specialists employed in its organisation. All over the world. These people handle the material every day, in every climate, under all circumstances. Whether it is in Kuwait, the Netherlands, the Caribbean or in Singapore, the Bolidt application teams are flown in to make sure that the Bolidt synthetics are processed efficiently, according to the latest processing methods. This way Bolidt is in constant touch with reality, with both feet on the ground and can take responsibility for the world-wide application of all its flooring, deck and sports systems.

To complete the indispensable practical experience, training is offered regularly in the Netherlands to keep the in-house application up-to-date with regard to the latest developments in the field of working conditions, environment and safety. International certificates showing this, are obtainable from the head office.

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