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Bolidt has been around for almost 50 years and yet the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam demonstrates just how ground-breaking synthetic applications can be. Together with just a handful of other hospitals, the VUMC is a pioneer in the health care sector. It takes the current vision of healing environments extremely seriously: a view of hospitals and care that focuses on improving the patient environment. There are critics, but scientific research (for which the VUMC happens to be ranked in the top 3) has shown that recovery and environment are interlinked.

  • VUMC dagchirurgisch centrum Amsterdam Bolidtop 525
  • VUMC dagchirurgisch centrum te Amsterdam Bolidtop 525 Deco
  • VUMC dagchirurgisch centrum Amsterdam Bolidtop 525
  • VUMC dagchirurgisch centrum Amsterdam Bolidtop 525

The key is to eliminate the stress, commotion and unpleasant cold atmosphere currently experienced by patients in hospitals and to replace it with pleasant, beautiful and comfortable spaces. This improves the well-being of patients and speeds up their recovery on more than one level. Endless stretches of lino flooring are hardly conducive to creating such an environment, so the hospital decided on synthetics. The fact that Bolidt has installed flooring systems in a growing number of spaces in the hospital including the outpatient obstetrics department, part of the Alzheimer’s centre, the atrium and the internal footbridges leading to it, the outpatient oncology unit and the day surgery centre over the years, is due to the proven quality they offer.

The very first assignment given to Bolidt by the VUMC years ago was to literally clean up someone else’s mess. The flooring that had been laid by Bolidt’s predecessor turned out to be of very poor quality and hopes had been placed on Bolidt’s expertise and excellent track record. Since then, the high-quality Bolidtop® flooring systems have become a recurring feature of the healing environment transformation within the VUMC. Bolidt offers endless design possibilities and to strike the right tone, the VUMC carried out a study of colour preferences and perception among patients enabling them to fit the outcomes into the overall picture.

Anyone who now walks into the newly built or refurbished departments will be amazed. It is so beautiful that it feels like a relief to be there. The incidence of light and sense of space are a new sensation. The luxurious appearance and comfort add another dimension. Last but not least, the floors are also entirely seamless, very hygienic, easy to clean, durable and maintenance friendly.

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