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ship deck specialist for the super yacht industry

Bolidt is completely at home in the world of super yachts. Bolidt knows better than anyone that every detail on board of a super yacht is specifically designed to create a unique experience and lifelong memories. Super yachts are synonymous for quality, exclusivity, and comfort at the highest possible level. The innovative Bolidt deck systems contribute to this.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production, and application of synthetic deck systems, Bolidt is a much sought-after partner for innovative, high-quality and durable deck systems all around the world. Architects, shipyards and owners trust the Bolidt deck systems thanks to their aesthetic properties and functional characteristics such as durability, ease of maintenance and weather resistance.

Innovative deck systems

for super yachts

Building a super yacht is teamwork. As a team player, Bolidt provides all know-how and expertise under one roof for innovative deck systems and gives the clients complete peace of mind. From development, production, advice and sales to application and maintenance; Bolidt masters all parts of the supply chain for synthetic systems. Just as important; Bolidt shares ideas and knowledge with customers, designers and crew. Everything under one roof.

Worldwide operation

The development and production of the Bolidt deck systems take place in the Netherlands. From the head office, with our own laboratory and extensive production facilities, Bolidt serves customers all over the world.

Safety on board

The Bolideck® series is anti-slip and is applied seamlessly. This reduces the risk of slipping and falling, and improves crew and passenger safety. Bolidt deck systems are water resistant and provide optimal safety in both wet and dry conditions. Naturally, all deck systems in the Bolideck® series are IMO approved. Therefore, they comply with the most recent legislation and regulations.

Infinite colour and design possibilities

For colour and design, Bolidt deck systems offer infinite possibilities. Because Bolidt offers everything under one roof - from design through to application - a lot is possible in the technical and aesthetic realms.

Whatever the design wishes, Bolidt helps to achieve them with an infinite spectrum of colour and design possibilities.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The service life of the Bolidt deck systems is very long, especially in comparison to alternative products. Furthermore, the Bolideck® series scores high for environmentally friendliness; an aspect which is becoming increasingly important, also in the super yacht industry.

Low maintenance

Because the Bolidt deck systems do not absorb water, the growth of bacteria, seaweed and fungi is minimal. They are also very low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

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Bolideck® Future Teak

Teak ships' decks, both inside and out, were the standard in the super yacht industry for a long time. The disadvantages of teak in the area of environmental friendliness, functionality and cost, have paved the way for Bolideck® Future Teak. This sustainable design option is the preferred choice for both new and existing surroundings.

Sustainable, lightweight, cost efficient

Bolideck® Future Teak is sustainable, cost efficient and lightweight. This contributes to lower fuel costs. Bolideck® Future Teak is also relatively simple and fast to apply. Unlike traditional teak decks, trees do not need to be felled for Bolideck® Future Teak Important features, such as weather resistance and low maintenance, are integral components of Bolideck® Future Teak.

Freedom in design

With Bolideck® Future Teak, designers and architects are no longer bound by the many limitations of traditional materials. This innovative deck system can be applied in every imaginable curve or pattern, and is available in a myriad of colours. This offers countless new possibilities and infinite freedom in design.

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