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ship deck specialist for fishing vessels

Bolidt is the specialist in ship deck systems for fishing vessels. With innovative systems, materials and solutions for ship decks, Bolidt meets the requirements of business owners, shipyards, skippers and crew.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production, application and refitting of deck systems, Bolidt is the logical choice for fishing vessels all around the world. The innovative Bolidt deck systems are completely resistant to (sea) water and stand out thanks to their durability, non-slip properties and wear resistance. The Bolidt deck systems for fishing vessels are also resistant to low temperatures and are often used in cold rooms on board.

Innovative ship deck systems

for fishing vessels

Concerning innovative deck systems, Bolidt provides everything under one roof. As a result, Bolidt can optimally respond to the wishes and demands of customers where safety and durability are concerned. Bolidt sets the present and future standard for deck systems on all sorts of fishing vessels.

Safety for the crew

Bolidt deck systems are anti-slip and are applied seamlessly. This reduces the risk of slipping and falling, and improves crew safety. Bolidt deck systems are resistant to (sea) water, contraction and expansion and provide optimal safety in both wet and dry conditions. Naturally, Bolidt deck systems are IMO certified and comply with the most recent legislation and regulations.

Resistant to ....everything

The conditions on board of fishing vessels are tough. Wind, high seas, snow, ice and (sea) water demand the utmost of ships and their crews. Bolidt supplies innovative deck systems which can handle the toughest conditions, which provide optimal anti-slip, in both dry and wet weather and in cold conditions such as in cold rooms. At Bolidt, you will find everything under one roof; from development to application. Therefore, we can go far in the technical field.

Outside and inside

The Bolidt innovative deck systems are not just applicable outdoors. Thanks to various functional properties, both inner and outer decks can be fitted with Bolidt deck systems. Examples include the galley, bunk rooms, storage spaces and wet cells. The Bolidt systems are unique in that they can resist extreme cold. That is why they are often applied in cold rooms and freezers on board.

Durable and low-maintenance

The service life of Bolidt ship deck systems is very long, especially in comparison with alternative products. Bolidt ship decks require little maintenance and are easy to keep clean. Because Bolidt deck systems do not absorb water, the growth of bacteria, algae, sea weed and fungi is minimal.

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  • BX 791 Jan Maria
  • KW 172 Dirk Diederik
  • ROS 171 Maartje Theadora
  • KW 170 Annie Hillina
  • ROS 785 Helen Mary
  • KW 174 Annelies Ilena
  • ROS 784 Dirk Dirk
  • BX 784 Gerda Maria
  • C486 Reefer Vulcano
  • KL 749 Margiris
  • KG 14 Naereberg
  • H7 Kirkella
  • ROS 777 Mark

  • SCH 81 Carolien
  • SCH Frank Bonefaas

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  • SCH 24 Afrika
  • SCH 123 Zeeland
  • SCH 118 Johanna Maria
  • SCH 23 Wirom

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Bolideck® LT

For many years, Bolidt has been making innovative deck systems for applications on board of fishing vessels. These systems require specific properties the field of functionality. Customers in the fishery sector like to choose the low-maintenance and durable Bolideck® LT system. This system is suitable for fisheries because it is non-slip and resistant to low temperatures. For this reason, it is often applied in cold rooms on board.

Non-slip under all conditions

Bolideck® LT is a seamless and impermeable deck finishing system which maintains its elasticity even at low temperatures. Without any problems, it can withstand a constant -30 degree Celsius temperature. Thanks to the non-slip properties of the deck system, in both wet and dry conditions, Bolideck® LT is exceptionally well suited for all spaces on board.

Chemical and mechanical resistance

Bolideck® LT can handle animal fats, ice, oil, brine, cleaning agents and salt solutions. Thanks to the excellent mechanical resistance, this system can also withstand heavily loaded fork lift trucks driving on and off with deep-frozen fish.


Bolideck® LT is applied in liquid form by our own Bolidt specialists, or certified partners.

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