Bolidt floors contribute to the healing environment of the OZG

  • OZG Ommelander Hospital Groningen Bolidtop FiftyFifty

    Flooring contributes to healing

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Designing a hospital is an expert job. This also applies to the new Ommelander Hospital Groningen (OZG) in Scheemda, the Netherlands. The OZG is housed in a modern and sustainable building with abundant daylight, built according to the latest insights and regulations for hospitals and care institutions. The design was developed by Alkmaar-based Leeuwenkamp Architects. Bolidt was approached for input, because the architect wanted to make a design feature of the flooring systems. The flooring had to meet the latest standards in terms of hygiene, ease of maintenance and service life.

  • OZG Ommelander Hospital Groningen Bolidtop FiftyFifty
  • OZG Ommelander Hospital Groningen Bolidtop FiftyFifty
  • OZG Ommelander Hospital Groningen Bolidtop FiftyFifty
  • OZG Ommelander Hospital Groningen Bolidtop FiftyFifty
  • OZG Ommelander Hospital Groningen Bolidtop FiftyFifty
  • OZG Ommelander Hospital Groningen Bolidtop FiftyFifty

Earthquake resistant design

The OZG is located within the Groningen earthquake zone. This had to be taken into account in the design. The building's response during earthquakes was calculated in 3D using Modal Response Spectrum Analysis. This evaluates the maximum response of buildings to earthquakes and served as a basis for examining various options. The eventual design choices included light-weight flooring, seismic expansion joints in necessary locations, additional piles, extra reinforcement in walls and foundations as well as additional expansion joints in the facade and high-strength anchorage of ceilings and installations. Bolidt contributed by installing special Bolidtop® wall coatings, which are both strong and flexible. This allows for the absorption of any cracks that may form in the walls without them becoming visible on the surface. The Bolidtop® 525 flooring system that was used is slightly elastic as well.

Healing environment

Creating a healing environment was the central focus of the design. This shows in the colours, the flooring systems and the materials that were used, combining high tech where needed and warmth where possible. The outpatient clinic is spacious and well laid out with its many windows offering expansive views over the surrounding landscape. In short, a pleasant hospital when it comes to the arrangement of functional spaces, including walking routes and the possibility of clustering departments. The two-bed and single rooms provide a high level of privacy and the layout of the outpatient clinic is designed for doctors to go to patients instead of the other way around.

No chance for bacteria

Bolidt’s specialists gave their input into the design of the flooring with respect to guaranteeing hygiene, minimising noise exposure and creating an experience that has a positive impact on the state of mind of patients and hospital staff. The smooth and even finish ensures optimum cleaning. Because of its seamless and pore-free surface, bacteria have no chance to attach to the floor. In the OZG, the flooring has been combined with a seamless Bolidtop® wall coating, resulting in attractive, uninterrupted floor-to-wall transitions.

Design and durability

That it is possible for optimal hygiene and design to go hand in hand in a floor finish is clearly demonstrated in the OZG. The architect wanted enormous circles and colour blocks to be integrated into the flooring and presented this wish to Bolidt. His vision was incorporated into the floor design at Bolidt and carried out to perfection by its own application team. It was not the first time Bolidt designed a floor in consultation with an architect. This happens regularly for, for instance, paediatric departments at hospitals, museums, offices and cruise ships. Where possible, Bolidt replaces traditional materials in order to make a contribution to a better living and natural environment in the areas of safety, durability, energy & data, design and hygiene.

Experts at work

Architect Robin Leeuwenkamp: “The interests of patients were central to our design. The client knows how to provide excellent care, but not how to build a new hospital. For that, the OZG needed  our expertise. To get the most from that, the approach to this project was expert driven. We developed a building that meets all the requirements of a modern hospital. For the flooring, we called in the expertise of Bolidt, with whom we have enjoyed a good working relationship for years. Bolidt is very familiar with healthcare environments and has installed flooring in spaces such as the central hall, bathrooms, patient rooms and hallways. With our combined experience in the hospital sector, we know which requirements the various spaces must fulfil and how to convert this into a design as efficiently and smartly as possible within the framework defined by the client. The collaboration between Leeuwenkamp and Bolidt has once again resulted in a beautiful design!”

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