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As the no. 1 specialist in synthetic flooring systems for medical centres, Bolidt is all too aware that hygiene has the highest priority. But experience, accessibility and hospitality are also important aspects. The care-related areas and their interior decorating are contributing factors here. A well designed interior can have a positive influence on patients', visitors' and staff's perceptions.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production,  and application of synthetic floors, Bolidt is a frequently sought-after partner for hospitals, general practices, dental practices and care institutions all around the world. They rely on Bolidt's innovative flooring because of its aesthetic and functional qualities, such as hygiene, ease of maintenance and a long service life.

Innovative synthetic flooring


Building a medical centre is teamwork. Bolidt offers everything under one roof for innovative synthetic floors. As such, Bolidt is a frequently sought-after team player for innovative, hygienic and durable flooring systems. Bolidt relieves, knows the standards and thinks with the customer about materials, durability, aesthetics, functional requirements, certifications and maintenance.

Floors for all spaces

Medical centres have spaces with widely varying functions. Bolidt has the perfect dedicated flooring solution for all interior and exterior spaces. For spaces with sensitive equipment, there is a conductive floor which prevents ESD problems. For wet rooms; flooring with extra grip. For parking garages; flooring for heated accesses, parking roofs and parking decks. For an impressive entrance hall; flooring with infinite design options. And for sanitary spaces; seamless skirting and finishes that prevent bacteria, viruses and buildup of dirt.

Specific customer requirements

The specialists at Bolidt are keen to provide constructive input concerning any specific requirements customers might have, such as ensuring hygiene, minimising noise and creating the right experience, which contributes to the mood of patients and staff in hospitals, general practices, dental practices and care institutions.

Infinite design options

Bolidt synthetic flooring systems offer an endless variety in terms of colour and design. Because Bolidt offers everything under one roof - from design to application - there are virtually no bounds as regards technique and design. Our flooring systems are available in infinite colour and design options.

Little maintenance, long service life

Bolidt's synthetic floors have a very long service life. They are also very low-maintenance and easy to keep clean. If you want certainty upfront and problem-free maintenance, go for a maintenance contract.

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Bolidtop® 525 AM

Bolidt has many years' experience in manufacturing perfect flooring for applications in hospitals, general practices, dental practices and care institutions. Flooring systems that with their seamless and smooth, even surface ensure superb hygiene, low-maintenance and easy cleaning and with their modern, fresh-looking and decorative design appeal to architects, patients and staff. Bolidtop® 525 AM is the preferred choice for the healthcare industry.


Orderly and silent

Bolidtop® 525 AM is a seamless flooring system for hospitals, general practices, dental practices and care institutions. Its finish is comfortable to walk on and provides clarity due to its mat surface and uniform colour scheme. Its tough-elastic character ensures high wear resistance and reduces contact noise.

Bolidt Antimicrobial Technology (AM)

Especially for the healthcare sector, Bolidt has developed a revolutionary antimicrobial technology for Bolidtop® 525 on the basis of new control techniques: a differentiated potential difference between the multi-resistant bacteria and the Bolidtop® floor surface. In the Bolidt Anti-Microbial Technology based on mechanical control, bacteria cannot reproduce or survive. Extensive contact surfaces are thus protected against the development and spread of bacteria.

Infinite colour options

Bolidtop® 525 AM is available in a virtually endless variety of colours. This flooring system is suitable for all conceivable medical-related areas including patient rooms, corridors, rehabilitation rooms, visitor areas, waiting rooms, etc.

Environment and health

Bolidtop® 525 AM is based on odourless and solvent-free resins. During and after being applied, the floor does not emit any harmful substances. The system has been AgBB/DIBt tested and the results show that it meets the emission standards for volatile substances, aldehyde and carcinogens. No environmentally harmful materials are necessary to maintain the floor.

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