Plycoat H/WS

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    Plycoat® H/WS

Plycoat® H/WS

This environment-friendly wall finish system is flexible, water-repellent and hygienic. Strong as well, due to a built-in scan. Can be seamlessly fitted with all Bolidtop flooring systems. Skirting, fitted on the spot, is an option. And: seamless, durable, impermeable to fluids, low-maintenance and applied on site by own specialists.

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Technical properties

Plycoat H/WS is a coating system on the basis of one-component water-borne synthetic resins which have little odour. The presence of a scan in the system means that it has (limited) capacity for bridging cracks. This environmentally-friendly, vapour-permeable coating is elastic. Plycoat H/WS preserves, is UV-resistant, water-repellent and block resistant. Plycoat H/WS is resistant to most of the usual chemicals in diluted form. There is limited resistance to organic solvents. Plycoat H/WS is applied with a brush, roller or spray gun. Suitable for use on: concrete, stuccowork and plaster. Plycoat H/WS is available in a large number of colours.

Mechanical properties

Plycoat H/WS is resistant to the most usual loads.

Wet antiskid
Dry antiskid

Chemical resistivity

Plycoat H/WS is resistant to the most usual chemicals and cleaning products.

Electrical properties

No electrical properties have been specified for Plycoat H/WS.


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  • Meander Medisch Centrum Amersfoort Plycoat H/WS
  • Meander Medisch Centrum Amersfoort Plycoat H/WS

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