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For the renovation of its Langenboom hatchery, breeding company Probroed & Sloot worked exclusively with innovative partners. A new hatching concept by incubator manufacturer HatchTech was introduced at this site. In addition, the new hatchery was upgraded with the most advanced flooring in the market: the Bolidtop® 700 system. This seamless, 100% hygienic floor finish not only supports the innovative ambitions of Probroed & Sloot, but also meets the strictest requirements of the poultry industry. 

Probroed & Sloot is an independent supplier of day-old chicks to the broiler industry. The company has three hatcheries in the Netherlands and two partner hatcheries in Germany. In order to secure a consistent supply of premium-quality broilers, Probroed & Sloot has maintained a commitment to innovation for many years. An example of what this means in practice is that every single Probroed & Sloot broiler is completely traceable.

  • Probroed Langenboom Bolidtop 700
  • Probroed Langenboom Bolidtop 700
  • Probroed Langenboom Bolidtop 700

Each animal has its own chick passport, providing details on its origin as well as the performance of animals supplied before. According to Probroed & Sloot, its own R&D department is continuously working on further improving the vitality and quality of the broiler chicks. This has resulted in higher chick survival in the first week, better chick growth and decreased antibiotic requirements further down the chain.

Better start

Innovation also was the key focus of the renovation of the Probroed & Sloot hatchery in the Brabant village of Langenboom. This was the perfect moment for the facility to introduce a new hatching concept by incubation equipment manufacturer HatchTech. The so-called HatchCare chick stays in Langenboom for the first few days after hatching and receives its first feed and water here. Under ideal conditions the chick has a better start, resulting in increased vitality.

Not just the incubation process in Langenboom had to be innovative, Probroed & Sloot also wanted to provide the hatchery with the most advanced flooring available. It was a quick decision to choose a Bolidt floor finish. The Bolidtop® 700 system is innovative and meets all the requirements set by hatcheries. The pore-free synthetic floor finish is seamless and has a dirt-repellent surface. This makes it impossible for bacteria to settle into the floor. The system is also easy to keep clean – in part because the Bolidtop® 700 system is resistant to chemicals and high pressure cleaning. At the same time, the floor’s surface always maintains its slip resistant qualities, even when wet. The synthetic floor finish thus helps to ensure optimal safety of the employees. 

Positive experiences

Closely involved in the renovation of the hatchery in Langenboom, leading incubation equipment manufacturer HatchTech had excellent experiences with Bolidt’s seamless flooring.

The hatchers connect perfectly to the Bolidt floors, which ensures optimum hygiene in the hatchery. Probroed & Sloot itself has also had nothing but positive experiences with Bolidt: the company’s other hatcheries have previously been provided with Bolidtop® flooring systems. It was partly due to the satisfaction with the flooring at these facilities that choosing Bolidt was a quick decision.

Just like Probroed & Sloot, Bolidt is always looking for innovations. The Bolidtop® 700 system, for instance, was developed in Bolidt’s own R&D laboratory and extensively tested for use in the poultry industry. In order to guarantee that its synthetic flooring is of top quality, Bolidt has its own staff to install the Bolidtop® systems. Specialised application teams make sure that every floor finish is perfect and requires no attention from the customer for decades. With the development, production and application of the flooring systems all under one roof, Bolidt is able to ensure consistent top quality.

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