Poultry producer Chirina

  • Chirina Slaughterhouse Bolidtop 700

    High-tech chicken hatchery and
    processing plant require hygienic flooring

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Poultry producer Chirina

2013 marked the opening of the largest fully integrated poultry producer in Georgia: Chirina Ltd. With an annual production capacity of 9 million eggs and 12 thousand tonnes of meat, Chirina is the leading supplier of top quality chicken in the Georgian market. From the cultivation of grain for feed to fully automated processing of poultry meat, each process meets the highest international (eco)technological standards.

  • Chirina Slaughterhouse Bolidtop 700
  • Chirina Slaughterhouse Bolidtop 700
  • Chirina Slaughterhouse Bolidtop 700

High-tech chicken farm

Driving past Chirina in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, one would never suspect that the buildings of the poultry producer are the site of an integrated high-tech enterprise. The best Georgian grains are first tested in het laboratory before they are processed into premium quality chick feed. Advanced ventilation and heating systems create the perfect hatching conditions. The fully automated meat processing lines eliminate the need for human intervention, which enables Chirina to guarantee a high-quality and healthy end product.

World-class suppliers for each process in the production chain

Owner and investor Revaz Vashkidze made a conscious choice to work with leading global players with specific expertise in this industry. All production units are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and have been built by turnkey contractor AgroTop from Israel.

Vashkidze also called in experts such as British grain storage specialist Chief Industries and Dutch companies HatchTech (hatcheries) and Meyn (fully automated meat processing).

The ultimate in hygienic flooring

Premium quality and hygiene take the highest priority in each process. In equipping the hatchery and the meat processing plant, HatchTech and Meyn worked closely with Bolidt. Bolidt recommended Bolidtop® 700 for Chirina. This flooring system is extremely durable and hygienic. The thermosetting synthetic flooring has no pores and is laid in a seamless application, which prevents the growth of bacteria. Its high scratch resistance ensures that this protection is maintained. The robust floor finish is characterised by high resistance to impact and wear. As the system is impermeable to liquids, it also prevents harmful substances from penetrating into the substrate. Due to this choice of flooring, Chirina has no difficulty in complying with HACCP requirements and germs are kept at bay.

Antimicrobial flooring for 6 other hatcheries and processing facilities

In addition to poultry producer Chirina in Georgia, Bolidt has recently installed antimicrobial flooring systems in the following hatcheries:

  • Hendrix Genetics (Netherlands)
  • Cobb (UK)
  • Baromfi Coop (Hungary)
  • Eiermacher (Germany)

And in these meat processing plants:

  • Hawa Chicken (Lebanon)
  • Mattaniah (Zambia)
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