Bolidt subscribes to the innovative vision of Open the School

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    Bolidt subscribes to the innovative vision
    of 'Open the School'

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Open the School

As specialist in innovative synthetic floor systems for educational institutions, Bolidt has, for tens of years, been responding to the changing wishes and requirements of architects, management, facilities managers and contractors within the education sector. Bolidt gladly accepted the invitation to become a partner of Open the School, an initiative taken by the Van den Berg Groep and ZAPP, thanks to the shared vision on education.

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  • IJssel College Capelle aan den IJssel Bolidtop 700 College
  • IJssel College Capelle aan den IJssel Bolidtop 700 College
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Adapting to the user

Open the School stands for designing with vision for all users of school buildings. Furthermore, Open the School researches the manner in which the learning environment can adapt to the changing needs of the user through the development of the manner of teaching and development of educational programs. An important principle thereby is that the physical learning environment demonstrably can improve the performance of the student and teacher. Designer Winfred van Zeeland: "Open the School is mainly meant to discuss the current questions and challenges together with schools and school boards in an informal setting. We want to arrive together at new solutions which are more focused on the wishes of students, parents and teachers. In short, a learning environment which is more externally directed."

Desire for flexibility

In buildings with a certain degree of complexity, including schools, it is important that all spaces can be joined as far as possible. In other words: that the users have the maximum freedom to allow spaces to join organically according to their wishes and needs to thereby spatially accommodate changes in the short and the long term. This means flexibility and much more besides. Seamless transitions between teaching spaces ensure that, depending on task, (bio) rhythm, concentration and feeling, the optimal spatial setting can be chosen.

Productive cooperation

Nicole Tieman, Segment Manager Education at Bolidt: "In the vision of Open the School, now is the time to re-define the spatial possibilities of school designs. As Bolidt, we certainly subscribe to this standpoint. We are also convinced that we can connect well to the present and future wishes with our innovative floor systems thanks to the aesthetic properties and functional characteristics such as service life, ease of maintenance and hygiene. We are also able to offer these possibilities for various construction budgets. In other words, we can always create the optimal design without budget limitations. We therefore look forward to a pleasant and productive cooperation with Open the School!"

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