Nieuwe Markt Roosendaal

  • Parkeergarage Nieuwe Markt Roosendaal Bolidtop 300

    The underground road to a metamorphosis

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Nieuwe Markt Roosendaal

Commissioned by the municipality, the ‘Nieuwe Markt’ in Roosendaal (Netherlands) drastically changed of scenery. This public square is an important link in the city centre and is part of the cosy shopping streets. However, the cars made the streets look more untidy and besides that, they obstructed a smooth flow of the shopping crowd. But the municipality of Roosendaal chose to fight back and gave orders to build a new underground car park. Furthermore, after the construction of the garage, the ‘Nieuwe Markt’ was about to undergo a metamorphosis. This resulted in an attractive square with benches, new planted greenery and bar and restaurant facilities.

  • Parkeergarage Nieuwe Markt Roosendaal Bolidtop 300
  • Parkeergarage Nieuwe Markt Roosendaal Bolidtop 300
  • Parkeergarage Nieuwe Markt Roosendaal Bolidtop 300

The parking garage was constructed in L-shape. One part is located directly under the square, the other under store buildings which are still to be build. Of course, the municipality of Roosendaal and its visitors want to enjoy the parking garage as long and safe as possible! For this very reason, the principals searched for the most suitable finish of the pavement, combining a well-organized road plan, safety, an equal surface and sustainability. That’s quite a job!

Fortunately, Bolidt is very good at its job. In one part of the brand new garage, a Bolidtop® 300 RF floor finish was applied, including parking spaces, signposting and lines. Next to that, it obviously meets the requirements. Now the parking garage has been taken into use, the ‘Nieuwe Markt’ is the shining centre as an attractive, car free and audience-friendly square.

Bolidt wishes everyone a nice day of shopping!

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