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NEW GRIP ON PARKING. This is the name used for the value stream experiment for Parking. This experiment is aimed at thinking from the perspective of the value stream – in which the word ‘department’ is thus omitted. Thinking from the value stream means that the component parts of the value stream efficiently connect to each other, so that it can fully focus on the interrelationship between projects and processes as a team. This ensures that the promise made to the customer is completely fulfilled. But how do you do this in practice?

  • Waardestroom Parkeren
  • Waardestroom Parkeren
  • Waardestroom Parkeren
  • Waardestroom Parkeren

When it was founded in 1964, Bolidt chose to have the whole value stream under one roof. More than four years ago, Bolidt and LearningWaves took the first steps towards a Lean & Learn organization in order to continue applying this principle in an expanding organization. The value stream thinking was reinvented. When some time ago during a Papendal session that question was asked which person wanted to pick up the value stream thinking experiment, Peter Staal immediately raised his hand. Peter: “I was convinced from the start that thinking from the value stream perspective would have great added value for the Parking segment. Previously, we all worked very hard in our own department, but there was room for improvement in coordination with each other.”

In order to improve this, the value stream was centralized in the experiment. NEW GRIP ON PARKING is all about efficiently connecting the components of the value stream. In practical terms, this means that the individual parts come together every day during a daily stand-up meeting to discuss progress surrounding the parking projects. The activities of yesterday, today and tomorrow are discussed, kaizens are noted and improvement initiatives are taken up. This ensures better coordination of the work, more efficient processes, clarity in the importance of everyone's work and the reduction of red time.

Esther Klasen is participating in the experiment and is already noticing its effects: “It is great to see what we have achieved in a short time with our team. You feel at every moment that you are working together on one goal. As a result, involvement has increased considerably, mutual understanding is greater than before and we make use of one another's knowledge and skills. I have been working at Bolidt for 21 years now, but I am learning every day! In addition, I now receive information much earlier than before. I can immediately respond and no longer need to play catch up.”

NEW GRIP ON PARKING is another step towards the realization of the Bolidt targets (you can find these on the wall near the office of R.W.). The experiment will be evaluated at the end of November.

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