Multi-storey car park Radboud University Medical Centre

  • UMC StRadboud Parkeergarage Bolidt/Siemens

    Hospital staff can park safely again

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Multi-storey car park Radboud University Medical Centre

Safety comes first at the university medical centre in Nijmegen. For patients of course, but also for the entire medical staff. The Radboudumc approached Bolidt for a large-scale renovation of their open-sided staff car park after slippery parking decks and ramps had led to dangerous situations. With the new, non-skid surface courses from Bolidt, the more than 500 parking bays are easily and safely accessible again.

  • UMC StRadboud Parkeergarage Bolidt/Siemens
  • UMC StRadboud Parkeergarage Bolidt/Siemens
  • UMC StRadboud Parkeergarage Bolidt/Siemens

Durable surface course for high-volume vehicle traffic

As a top university hospital, the Radboudumc is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that the open-sided staff car park in the F.C. Donderslaan is used heavily and continuously. The original coating had become slippery and was wearing prematurely. This caused dangerous situations, especially in wet and cold weather conditions. Bolidt recommended the application of three different flooring systems. Bolidtop® 200 RF, a coating made of extremely durable synthetic resins, was used for the parking bays. The solid thickness of this system provides enhanced wear resistance and the aggregate it contains produces a slightly slip resistant finish, which increases both vehicle and pedestrian safety. The busy vehicle lanes were fitted with Boligrip® 1250. This high-strength surface layer has a lifespan of 15 years with no maintenance required.

Integrated ramp heating system

All the ramps in the staff car park in Nijmegen have been provided with Boligrip® 1250 HR, a special version of the Boligrip® 1250 system. This surface course features an integrated heating system immediately below the surface that can heat the ramps for a short period of time. Ramps are not just subjected to a lot of stress from cars braking, turning and accelerating, but rain or frost may also cause them to become slippery quite suddenly. By heating the ramps temporarily and locally, the surface will still be safe to drive on during periods with frost, ice or snow. The Boligrip® 1250 HR system thus ensures high energy efficiency and safety at the same time.

Efficient renovation during holiday period

In consultation with the Radboudumc, the renovation was meticulously planned and carried out efficiently in two phases during a holiday period. This car park was already in use by the hospital staff, so Bolidt wanted to minimise the inconvenience. And managed to do so. The staff will now be able to park again for many years without having to worry about their safety and the hospital has a durable surface layer that is guaranteed to last for a minimum of fifteen years. The liquid-tight surface does not only protect the structure of this open-sided car park from high levels of mechanical stress, but also from the corrosive effects of road salts and automotive fluids.

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