Christened by Queen Beatrix

  • River Cruiser De Zonnebloem Bolideck 1500

    Christened by Queen Beatrix

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MS the sunflower

At the end of December Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands christened the new ship of the Sunflower Foundation. With the words “I christen thee The Sunflower. I wish you and all who sail on you a prosperous voyage” the ship is headed for a wonderful and meaningful future.

  • River Cruiser De Zonnebloem Bolideck 525
  • River Cruiser De Zonnebloem Bolideck 1500
  • River Cruiser De Zonnebloem Bolideck 525
  • River Cruiser De Zonnebloem Bolideck 525

The Sunflower Foundation organizes events and holiday trips for chronically ill and disabled people. A holiday aboard the new ship is the most comfortable way of travelling for this group. The christening by Queen Beatrix was a special moment in the history of The Sunflower.

The first holiday ship of The Sunflower Foundation needed to be replaced after more than 20 years of faithful service. The new ship fully meets the current requirements with respect to all the desired facilities like wider aisles, ceiling lifts and adjustable beds. Of course, the ship also meets all the technical requirements.

As for the decks, the foundation has once again decided on Bolideck® systems. Inside the ship, an antiskid version of this system has been installed in the lavatories, in the shower and storage rooms and in the kitchen area. The antiskid properties of the floor were part of the requirements that the foundation made. In the showers, for instance, it is very important that the physically handicapped guests have sufficient grip and that wheelchairs do not slip. This antiskid version has also been installed outside on the sun deck. It differs from the inner deck in soundproofing. The base has been made more elastic, which provides the outer deck with a high level of sound attenuation.

With these decks, The Sunflower is equipped to offer its guests a comfortable and well-earned holiday for at least another twenty years!!

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