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Having cast our gaze over 2017, it’s now time to look forward into what the new year will entail. At a quick glance, it promises to be just as diverse, with new projects from every industry.

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Symphony of the Seas

Bolidt continue to work with the most monumental cruise ships on the planet. One such cruise ship is Symphony of the Seas. Joining the Royal Caribbean fleet in Spring of 2018, she’ll be the largest ship on the face of the earth (1,188 feet long, 215 ½ feet tall to be specific). Upon this enormous vessel will be three 10-story slides with water parks, a surf simulator, an ice skating rink and rock climbing walls. Bolidt will install almost 15,000 m2 of Bolideck® Select Soft, 3,000 m2 of Bolideck® FutureTeak, 650 m2 of Bolideck® Select Hard and 317 m2 of Helideck.

Celebrity Edge

Also working intimately with Bolidt in 2018 is Celebrity Cruises. Their new ship, Celebrity Edge, will grace the waters towards the end of the year. The cruise will feature the Magic carpet, an extended platform over the sea that moves between decks serving different functions. On top of this, Celebrity Edge will also feature 9,000 m2 of Bolideck® Future Teak, 260 m2 of Bolideck® Select Hard, 2,194 m2 of Bolideck® Select Soft, and 1091 m2 of Soft Teak Effect.

Rhein Brucke Maxau

From the ocean to the road, Bolidt will also be surfacing Rhein Brucke Maxau, a bridge in Germany that spans over the river Rhine. The main bridge is 292 meters long and will be resurfaced with 7,000 m2 of Boligrip® system.

Erasmus MC

Opening in Rotterdam will be the Erasmus MC. Headed by EGM Architecten, they chose Bolidt for their seamless synthetic finish. It was clear from the start that they would require a synthetic system for the flooring and the walls, due to the highly hygienic properties. With Bolidt’s abundance of experience in the health industry sector, the collaboration was a perfect match. Now, 60,000 m2 of flooring and wall systems cover the surface of laboratories and wards throughout the medical center.


Danone is currently building a new factory in the Netherlands. This will be a huge project of 2018. The sheer size of the project is astounding. At a cost of €240 million, the more than 49,000 square meters represents Danone’s largest investment in its European production capacity. From the beginning of 2018, the Haps factory will produce baby-food products for more than 80 countries. With such huge proportions, the dairy giant needed reliable construction partners that knew how to meet strict deadlines. Bolidt fits the bill! Bolidt will be fitting 20,000 m2 of space, including Bolidtop® 500, Bolidtop® 200, and Bolidtop® 700.


2017 saw plenty of epic parking projects, some of which were in Utrecht, such as Bike Park Hoog Catharijne. 

It’s a privilege for us to add another project to the list in 2018, with a car park under Jaarbeursplein. About 22,000 m2 will be fitted with Bolidt Boligrip® finishing. So whether you are driving or cycling in Utrecht, there’s a chance you could be on a Bolidt flooring system!


Heerema Marine Contractors are currently developing a new generation of semi-submersible crane vessels: Sleipnir. The Sleipnir is designed for offshore heavy lifting, anywhere in the world. It will be equipped with two cranes with a lifting capacity of 10,000 metric tonnes each, as well as a reinforced deck area of 220 meters in length and 102 meters in width, making it the largest crane vessel in the world. This vessel will be fitted with 2,730 m2 of Bolideck® 525 and 1000 m2 of Bolideck® FutureTeak.

As you can see, 2018 promises to be a tremendous year with a great range of projects spanning in every direction. Watch this space for updates on exciting new projects. Here’s to an eventful new year!

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