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how decking can enhance passenger experience

These days industry largely centers around the experience of the customer. The cruise industry is no different. The experience of the passenger is pivotal to the successful design of a cruise ship. Several elements can affect this, one being passenger safety. The passenger must feel above all safe, however, there’s also much more to be said for the passenger experience.

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  • TUI Blu Motion Mein Schiff 6 Bolideck Sensation

Another way in which the passenger experience can be influenced is by deck design. An unlimited choice of design and functionalities make Bolidt decking perfect for onboard cruise ships. It truly opens the floodgates for unprecedented designs and concepts.

Mein Schiff 6

Take Mein Schiff 6 for example. With the versatility of Bolidt, a collaboration was made between them and Hamburg-based artist 1010. The results were mesmerizing. The unique freedom in colour and design that Bolidt offers allowed for an art piece that merged into the deck. The mural can be seen immersing visitors in artistic experience. The mural achieved a fluid appearance that was only possible with the epoxy on-site application of Bolidt. When synthetics are combined with creative minds, the results are stunning. Art is one way in which the passenger can be engaged on a different level, broadening the cruise experience.

Onboard racing track

Onboard the Norwegian Joy is an all time first for the cruise industry. It’s a deck design that will excite everyone who’s still a child at heart; a racing track. If a deck design was ever to inspire excitement in passengers, it would surely be this one. The Ferrari-sponsored go-kart track is about 230 meters long and was created with Bolideck® Racetrack.

 Whilst Bolidt has a wealth of experience producing surfaces for car parks and road surfaces, this is the first time they applied their expertise to a race track. Thus, they developed the synthetic finish based on established road surfacing technology. High durability, flexibility, and slip-resistance are all crucial elements of the deck design. The specifically tested and optimized non-skid surface easily allows for 20 go-karts to speed around the track at any one time.

Galaxy Pavilion

Also on the Norwegian Joy is the Galaxy Pavilion. Step into a virtual world unlike anything else. For this state-of-the-art gaming lab, they needed a floor that suited the extravagant space theme. They chose Bolidtop® 525 in black, topped off with a transparent layer embedded with glitter. The floor also reflects the funky texture of the ceiling, making the whole area visually engrossing. The Galaxy Pavilion includes immersive virtual reality experiences, thrilling simulator rides and interactive video walls. Passengers will find themselves in a world unlike anything they’ve ever seen at sea (or anywhere else for that matter). Guests can go for a spin on hovercraft-bumper cars, or start their engines in a professional race car that’s been converted into a state-of-the-art racing simulator.

Interactive dark ride simulators give passengers a captivating experience with real-time 3D graphics, 360-degree surround sound, and multi-sensory special effects. On every single level, from the floor to the simulators, this area is immensely immersive.

As you can see, deck design is more more than choosing a nice colour. It can transform the entire experience of the passenger, offering unforgettable memories. AREA78 is an Experience and Innovation center that hopes to encourage more innovative projects like these. To find more news and inspiration, check out the Bolidt Booster.

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