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  • Hollandse Brug Muiderberg Boligrip W

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holland bridge

The renewal plan for the Holland Bridge has changed drastically. The work will now be done faster, safer and cheaper. A panic broke out when the Dutch organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO concluded in May 2007 that the ever increasing load would cause holes to appear in the asphalt road surface.

  • Hollandse Brug Muiderberg Boligrip W
  • Hollandse Brug Muiderberg Boligrip W
  • Hollandse Brug Muiderberg Boligrip W
  • Hollandse Brug Muiderberg Boligrip W

Thousands of lorries cross the sixties-built bridge each day. The closure of the bridge is causing traffic blocks and renders the Province of Flevoland inaccessible. Damages have already been awarded to hauliers.

After nearly half a year of consideration, the plan for the renewal of the bridge has changed drastically, as a result of which lorries can start using the bridge again several months earlier than originally planned.

Another positive outcome is that the costs of the new plan turn out to be millions of euros lower.

The eventual solution means that, at the direction of Delft University, the underlying concrete infill can remain in place and that a new concrete bridge deck averaging 17 cm is realized. A Boligrip® epoxy wearing course was chosen as the top surface instead of asphalt.

Bolidt’s contribution is considerable. A purpose-developed machine for bridges of this size is brought into action. The decision to make this investment of 1 million euros followed from the realization that the congestions problem is one of the biggest, most expensive and most frustrating problems of today.

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