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specialist in flooring for indoor sports

Top performance – at whichever level – requires optimal conditions. In the case of indoor sports, the choice of the floor surface is one of the most important factors. Bolidt knows the wishes and demands of (leisure) sports players, visitors and proprietors of sports halls and offers a wide range of innovative synthetic floors for this sector.

In more than 50 years, Bolidt has gained a wealth of know-how of and experience in developing, producing,  and applying synthetic floors for indoor sports. As such, Bolidt is a frequently sought-after partner for innovative sports floors all around the world. Thanks to the expertise and experience of Bolidt, clients can rest assured that the floors meet all the requirements.

Innovative floors

for indoor sports

An indoor sports floor has to meet different requirements than a floor for an outdoor facility. Indoor sports are often ball games and the behaviour of the ball must, of course, be the same everywhere. However, indoor floors are often used for gymnastics too. Furthermore, sport halls are regularly used for other purposes, such as trade fairs, demonstrations, receptions, meetings and concerts, which calls for a versatile floor solution.

Sport floors and gangways

For the multifunctional use of sport halls, Bolidt developed various innovative flooring systems which meet both the international classifications and those of the Dutch Sports Federation. Tough elastic systems with predictable results when it comes to ball behaviour, wear-resistance and walking comfort. Also for the gangways – the spaces and pathways where the supporters pass through to the grandstands – Bolidt offers the right flooring solutions.

Always the right flooring solution

In sports facilities, hundreds or even thousands of feet tread on the floors.

Besides high wear-resistance, these floors must also be easy to clean. However, the choice of flooring also influences the atmosphere and spectators' feeling of safety. Bolidt knows this subject matter through-and-through and advises clients on the functionality and unlimited colour and decorative options.

Little maintenance, long service life

Bolidt's synthetic floors have a very long service life. They are also very low-maintenance and easy to clean. If you want certainty upfront and problem-free maintenance, go for a maintenance contract.

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Indoor sports flooring advice

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Bolidtop® 525

For years and years, Bolidt has made synthetic floors for sport halls, events halls and other utility buildings. Innovative floors which look modern and fresh thanks to their seamless and smooth surface. Which are low-maintenance and easy to clean. The preferred choice for this sector is Bolidtop® 525.

Orderly and less contact noise

Bolidtop® 525 is a seamless floor finishing system based on low-viscosity two-component synthetic resins which are almost odourless. Bolidtop® 525 has a flat and smooth appearance, and is scratch-resistant. Tough elastic properties give the floor great walking comfort. The mat surface and the uniform colouring provide clarity. Contact noise is largely absorbed by Bolidtop® 525.


Bolidtop® 525 is processed in liquid form by the company's own specialists or by certified partners.

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