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    Are you The Next Master?

The Next Rembrandt

Can technology bring one of the greatest painters ever back to life?
A special team consisting of people from ING, Microsoft, TU [Technical University] Delft and the Rembrandt Museum has accepted the challenge. With data as the painter and technology as the brush, a new Rembrandt has been created using advanced techniques.

The model of the 3D-print was made using algorithms and facial recognition. The painting consists of 148 million pixels which have been combined based on 168,263 parts of paintings from all 346 paintings by Rembrandt. A team of data scientists, developers, technicians and Rembrandt-experts have spent 18 months creating the "new Rembrandt".

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Are you The Next Master?

At Bolidt, we are always seeking No Limits. This is also in the realms of design and innovation.
The Next Rembrandt is a unique combination of these two themes whereby the extremes of material and technology have been sought. From 13 through 17 March, the Next Rembrandt exhibition can exclusively be seen at the Bolidt head office.
And this goes hand in hand with a week filled with guest lecturers and inspiration in the realm of design and innovation, including the "Masterpiece" and a Bolidroom Experience in which you can work interactively with Bolidt synthetics.

Designers and architects can experience in the Bolidroom how the material, mixes, cures and changes with varying compositions. The nuances in colour, composition, texture and reflection determine the final result. We will make sure your senses are focussed; you will need to bring ideas to life. No Limits!
We challenge you to see whether you are The Next Master!



14 March 2017, Tuesday afternoon session
15 March 2017, Wednesday afternoon session
16 March 2017, Thursday morning session
17 March 2017, Friday morning session


of the morning session

09:30 a.m. reception
10:00 a.m. 15 minutes of inspiration
– The Next Rembrandt
10:15 a.m. interactive session
– Bolidroom Experience
12:00 p.m. concluding lunch in the Brasserie

of the afternoon session

03:00 p.m. reception
03:15 p.m. 15 minutes of inspiration
– The Next Rembrandt
03:30 p.m. interactive session
– Bolidroom Experience
05:00 p.m. drinks and a bite to eat

We are glad to invite you to this exclusive inspirational event.
Sign in quickly because the number of available places is limited. You can sign in by sending an e-mail to events@bolidt.nl


Would you like more information? 
You can contact Susanne Versteeg-van der Net or Luke van Overbeek on 078-684 54 44.

Read the Booster Blog article The next Rembrandt meets Bolidt as well.

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