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The completion of the new Erasmus MC in Rotterdam at the end of 2017 will mark the end of a long construction process. The new building of the university hospital has to meet extremely strict requirements. With regard to hygiene, for instance. It was clear from the start that various spaces would have to be fitted with synthetic floor and wall coverings. The reason being that this type of seamless finish makes it impossible for bacteria to settle in floor or wall surfaces. Architectural practice EGM, the Erasmus MC project team and the contractor had a strong preference for one company: Bolidt. Bolidt’s synthetic flooring and wall finishes are 100 per cent hygienic and extremely wear resistant. At the same time, over 50 years of experience in a variety of large building projects make Bolidt the solid partner needed for a complex, long-running project such as the construction of the new Erasmus MC building.

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Many Rotterdammers of a certain age still refer to the hospital as Dijkzigt. Probably just because old habits die hard. The fact is, however, that in 2002 Dijkzigt Hospital became part of the Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam through a merger with Rotterdam University Hospital, Sophia Children’s Hospital, the Medical Faculty of Erasmus University Rotterdam and, some time later, the Daniel den Hoed Clinic. A milestone, as this is how the largest university hospital in the Netherlands was formed. 

Smart use of space 

The merger may be recent, the main building of the Erasmus MC is more than 50 years old and has become rather outdated. That is why the hospital has been working on the construction a new building since 2009, just a stone's throw away from the original Dijkzigt hospital building. The last phase of the construction will be completed at the end of 2017.

When the hospital is finished, it will not be much larger in floor area than it is now. A smart use of space will enable the hospital to do more on the same number of square metres. Instead of each different specialist unit having its own out-patient rooms, they share rooms. What is remarkable about the new building is that it will only contain private rooms. According to the hospital, this reduces the risk of infections and ensures rest for patients. 

Reliable supplier 

It was clear from the start that various spaces in the new Erasmus MC would have to be fitted with synthetic floor and wall finishes. Choosing Bolidt was a conscious decision by EGM Architecten, the Erasmus MC project team and the contractor. The hygienic quality of the finishes was just as important as the quality of the supplier itself. It had to be a company with the stamina for such a long-running project and the capabilities required for the new Erasmus MC building. Bolidt was chosen because it is not dependent on third parties.

Keeping everything from the development and production to the application of the flooring systems in-house, Bolidt was able to provide Erasmus MS with absolute certainty of supply. With more than 50 years of experience in diverse large construction projects, including many healthcare facilities, Bolidt has proved to be a solid partner. 

In total, Bolidt will supply about 60,000 m2 of flooring and wall covering for areas including the laboratories and wards of Erasmus MC. The floor and wall finishes connect perfectly with completely smooth, waterproof transitions. Bolidt’s synthetic floor and wall finishes are not only 100 per cent hygienic, but also extremely wear resistant. “The flooring will last for at least twenty years” says Ruud van der Sloot, Bolidt’s Commercial Director. “Even when a lot of people walk on it all year round, the floor will retain its aesthetic and functional properties. We also monitor the floors on an annual basis and map all the sections that may need a facelift, thus ensuring that the flooring stays in prime condition.”

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