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The newly constructed premises of high-tech company EPR consist of an attractive-looking transparent building in a convenient location on the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. This campus is a technological business park for cutting-edge, innovative companies in the fields of life sciences, health and semiconductors. Because EPR works with very sensitive electronics, the company chose the ESD-safe Bolidtop® Stato 500 flooring system.

  • EPR Bolidtop 525Credits: Imre Csány
  • EPR Bolidtop 525Credits: Imre Csány
  • EPR Bolidtop 525Credits: Imre Csány

Preventing static charge

EPR specialises in the production and co-engineering of industrial electronics modules and systems for the high-tech industry and provides customers with support throughout the entire life cycle. Production equipment and processes in the smart factory are interconnected via the internet. The integration of data and processes enables EPR to have its production adapt quickly and intelligently to changes in market conditions and customer needs. Quickly eliminating and preventing static charge is vital for companies like EPR that work with sensitive electronic equipment. This is why beforehand, EPR established very strict requirements for the environment, including the flooring, where work involving this equipment is carried out.

Resistant to chemicals

EPR’s building – designed by Wiegerinck Architecture and Urban Planning – has been built according to the GPR Building standard, achieving an overall quality and sustainability score of 7.5 out of 10. The building houses production areas, offices and may also have clean room facilities in future. The Bolidtop® Stato 500 floor finish installed at EPR is an electrically conductive system with a long life, a seamless surface and high wear resistance. The flow-applied flooring additionally has good resistance to most common chemicals.

Conductive underlayer

Unlike many other conductive flooring systems, the Bolidtop® Stato flooring works without a complicated connection to an earthing system. Static electricity can be quickly dissipated or even prevented from building up thanks to a special conductive underlayer that is in direct contact with the structural cement-bound subfloor. The innovative ESD-safe Bolidtop® Stato 500 floor finishes thus prevent damage to the electrodes and safeguard the personal safety of staff and visitors.

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