ConocoPhillips chooses Boliscreed® for the Ekofisk L: the right choice in safety

  • SMOE Ekofisk Boliscreed 400

    ConocoPhillips chooses Boliscreed®
    for the Ekofisk L: the right choice in safety

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In 1969 Ekofisk - the largest oil field in the North Sea - was tapped. It is expected that the production of this oil field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, will remain active until at least 2050. The drilling rig and its accompanying complex, which are managed by the operator ConocoPhillips, are regularly renewed in search for the safest and most durable materials. Therefore, it was decided to apply the Boliscreed® underlayment material for the new platform Ekofisk L.

SMOE Ekofisk Boliscreed 400

Ekofisk L

The Ekofisk complex is more than a kilometre long, weighs 30,000 tons and consists of several platforms that are constantly in development. The new platform Ekofisk L, has been in operation since the end of 2013, making it the largest accommodation platform in the North Sea and successor to the accommodation platforms H and Q. The new platform serves as a staff residence and consists of 552 cabins and 75 offices. In addition, it incorporates a helideck, hangar and support systems such as fire, water and freshwater facilities. The bridge connecting the central complex to platform L is pivotal within the Ekofisk complex. The regional communications as well as the coordination of air traffic and maritime traffic are provided from the platform. Therefore, there is a multitude of supporting quarters on the platform.

Boliscreed®: safe, light and durable

The main objective of ConocoPhillips in the development of Ekofisk L was to keep the weight of the superstructure as low as possible.

The selection of building materials played a crucial part in order to achieve this. In the underlayment of the flooring, throughout the structure, the material chosen was Boliscreed®.

Of course, safety on the complex is of vital importance but the longevity of the material, is also essential. Boliscreed® underlayment material is specially developed by Bolidt for levelling uneven surfaces. It resists flexing and vibrating without breaking or tearing, benefiting the safety on the Ekofisk L platform. Breaking or cracking of the floor deck can lead to very dangerous situations and reduces the durability of the deck. Boliscreed® is also lightweight and waterproof. Altogether, this makes Boliscreed® more than suitable for the application on the Ekofisk L platform.

Delivery and installation

In April 2012 the SMOE-shipyard in Singapore started with the installation of the safety enhancing underlay material Boliscreed® on the Ekofisk L platform.

Bolidt delivered the lightweight underlay in eight batches. While the upper platform was built in Singapore, the Norwegian company Aker Verdal provided the support structure. The assembly of this impressive platform naturally required much time as well as knowledge and skills. By the end of 2013 Ekofisk L was finally put into operations by ConocoPhillips.

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