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After Eiermacher had bad experiences with flooring of substandard quality, the Austrian company chose the Bolidtop® 700 system for its new hatchery. This pore-free, seamless floor finish is hygienic, safe and resistant to heavy forklift traffic. The synthetic flooring system meets the strictest requirements of the poultry industry. Eiermacher has finally found the perfect floor finish. 

Eiermacher in the Austrian town of Kremsmünster specialises, as the name suggests, in eggs. The company has its own hatchery and produces organic layer chicks, laying hens and parent stock of different breeds. In addition, Eiermacher supplies fertilised eggs for hatching. The company also sorts and packages eggs for about 80 organic farmers in the region.

  • Eiermacher Brüterei Bolidtop 700
  • Eiermacher Brüterei Bolidtop 700
  • Eiermacher Brüterei Bolidtop 700

In 2014, Eiermacher had a new hatchery built. Naturally, there was a strong focus throughout on hygiene, a factor of vital importance for any hatchery. Outbreaks of diseases due to bad hygiene have to be prevented. The risk of chicks carrying bacteria with them when they leave the grounds must also be reduced to a minimum. 

Solution to flooring problem  

The flooring in the hatchery plays an important role in this. Bacteria should not be able to settle in the floor and the floor needs to be easy to clean. Eiermacher chose one of Bolidt’s hygienic synthetic flooring systems, because they are already in use in many applications in the poultry industry. Bolidt has built a reliable reputation in the global poultry sector, scoring highly when it comes to reliability, quality and expertise. Once installed by Bolidt’s own specialist teams, the seamless synthetic flooring systems meet the highest hygiene requirements and last for decades. 

HatchTech, which supplied the incubators to Eiermacher, is also very positive about Bolidt’s seamless flooring. The company was already familiar with it through several earlier projects.

Experience has taught HatchTech that its machines connect perfectly to the Bolidt floors, thus ensuring optimum hygiene. 

Eiermacher itself had previous experience with different types of flooring from other suppliers, according to Production Manager Robert Sperrer. “The quality of the floors was never up to the mark and we have had a lot of problems as a result. When building the new facility, we came into contact with Bolidt and found that they had the right solution to our flooring problem. After that, the choice was quickly made.” 

Lasting hygiene

 Eiermacher chose the Bolidtop® 700 system. This floor finish meets all the requirements that a hatchery like Eiermacher has. Since the flooring system has a dirt-repellent, pore-free surface and a seamless finish, it is impossible for bacteria to settle in seams or cracks. The absence of pores in the surface also makes the floor easy to clean and disinfect. Another advantage of the Bolidtop® 700 system is that the finish is resistant to high pressure cleaning and chemicals. This ensures a consistently high standard of hygiene. 

Besides hygiene, the safety of its employees is an important issue for Eiermacher. There should be no risk of anyone slipping during the production process or when cleaning the floor. One of the reasons why Eiermacher chose Bolidt is that the Bolidtop® 700 system maintains its slip resistant properties even when wet. 

After the Bolidt flooring in the hatchery had been taken into use and proved an immediate success, Eiermacher decided to also have the same system installed in the area where the eggs are packed. In addition to hygiene and safety, the durability of the flooring is important here. The Bolidtop® 700 system is extremely robust, high-impact and resistant to the heavy forklift traffic in the packing area. This makes the Bolidtop® 700 system not just a hygienic and safe floor finish, but also an extremely durable solution: it will last Eiermacher for decades.

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