Eggcellent Innovations: 3 Innovations of the Poultry Industry

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    Eggcellent Innovations:

    3 Innovations of the Poultry Industry

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Eggcellent innovations

The poultry industry will never be at a loss for the need of innovation. Whether it’s in efficiency, hygiene or sustainability, there is always space for innovation. Here are three innovations which are more relevant than ever.

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Robots in Poultry

Currently, robots are showing their potential to enhance the poultry industry in many different ways. From bird health and welfare, to processing, robots are proving more than a bit useful. One of the core concerns in poultry is hygiene. With recent discoveries of multi-resistant salmonella, it’s more relevant today than ever before.

French firm Mesure Contrôles Automatiques Industriels (MCAI) are developing a range of robots that will be used to clean and disinfect poultry houses. As you can imagine, machines could clean much more thoroughly than humans. The mobile units are equipped with a dry biocidal mist that disinfects poultry litter. They can also monitor temperature, humidity and light levels throughout the house.


TeraEgg, developed in Israel by Novatrans, can determine the gender of an egg before the incubation process.

This non-invasive technology could save 7 billion male chicks that are culled every year. It analyses organic compounds to identify the gender via electromagnetic waves.

Not only does this save time (a process that traditionally takes three weeks) and energy, but the male identified eggs can then be repurposed for human consumption rather than being destroyed post-incubation.

Antimicrobial Flooring

Contamination and infection can have a disastrous impact on the poultry industry. Production lines come to a halt, while thousands of livestock may have to be culled or quarantined. With Salmonella becoming stronger against our usual disinfectants, it’s important that we look for other ways to eradicate the threat. 

Bolidtop® 700 AM is one of those alternatives. It’s highly durable flooring system that’s integrated with patented technology.

It uses antimicrobial technology that eliminates germs on contact. It does this through the inherent difference between the electrical charge of the floor and that of the bacterium. Thus, the largest and most important surface of the poultry house is protected against multi-resistant bacteria.

All three of these technologies have the potential to revolutionize aspects of the poultry industry, making it safer, more hygienic, and more efficient. Stay posted for more poultry news!

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