• FC Groningen Stadion, Euroborg Bolidtop 525

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Since its opening on 13 January 2006, Euroborg has been the new accommodation for soccer club FC Groningen. The stadium has a seating capacity of 20,000, which enables loyal fans to watch the achievements of their soccer club. What quite a few people do not know yet, however, is that Euroborg is more than just a soccer stadium. The complex houses a casino, a large Regional Education Centre, a cinema, cafés, restaurants, offices, a shop building with a big supermarket and a sports centre. The complex also includes a large underground parking garage. In short: a happening place for the Province of Groningen.

  • FC Groningen Stadion Euroborg Bolidtop 525
  • FC Groningen Stadion Euroborg Bolidtop 525
  • FC Groningen Stadion Euroborg Bolidtop 525

The new stadium has attracted great public interest. Even Minister of Transport and Public Works Peijs has visited the building site of Euroborg. During her visit she was able to see that architect Wiel Arets has chosen Bolidt flooring and wall finishing systems.

The main colours in the stadium are green and grey. Green is obviously the colour of the field and of the FC Groningen shirt, but now the concrete walls of the inner gallery and the seats have the same colour. It creates a good atmosphere and a sense of warmth. Grey is the colour of the circular walkways behind the seats. These walkways have been finished with the Bolidtop® 500 system.

The Bolidtop® 525 system has been applied inside the stadium because of the level and smooth surface it produces. The floors of areas like the hallways, lounges, sales areas, players’ home and toilets have been finished with this system.

Bolidt is particularly known for its synthetic flooring systems, but its wide range of products also includes synthetic wall finishing systems. For Euroborg Bolidt developed a special wall finishing system. The base for this finish was plasterboard, so the system needed to be vapour permeable, easy to clean and not easily damaged.

These conditions do not pose a problem for the Elastocoat® E/W system. In addition, Elastocoat® E/W is solid and smooth. Reason enough for the architect to apply this system in Euroborg.

The stadium is already being referred to as the pride of the North and one of the finest of its kind in the Netherlands. It is therefore for good reason that Bolidtop® flooring and wall finishing systems have been applied here.

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