• Bolidt Stroevecoating concept

    Development of new slip-resistant coating


A new innovative coating is currently being tested on a sample surface on the ground floor of our office (in the hallway and toilet facilities in front of the entrance to the laboratory).

This coating will provide our untextured decorative Bolidtop flooring with a more slip-resistant finish than usual. Once the coating is fully developed, it will replace our Bolicoat PCn and Pn in cases where this more slip-resistant finish is required.

  • Bolidt Stroevecoating concept
  • Bolidt Stroevecoating concept
  • Bolidt Stroevecoating concept
  • Bolidt Stroevecoating concept


Experience it for yourself!

If you would like to experience this improved slip resistance first hand, just use one of the toilets in front of the entrance to the laboratory. You will probably notice straight away that the floor feels different. The innovation team is keen to hear about your experience! 

Improved slip resistance

What makes the new coating so special is that the slip resistance is achieved by the resin and not by adding loose particles, as is the case with, for instance, Bolidtop 525 RF. As a result, the floor feels far less rough, will not become smooth with use, is easier to clean and the visual appearance of the Bolidtop® 525 is maintained.

An Anti-Microbial version of his coating will also become available in due course and work is underway on a slip-resistant coating for Bolidtop 700. 


The coating is being developed to comply with the NEN-EN 1504 and NEN 7909 standards. Whereas the original Bolidtop 525 just met these legal standards, the new coating will meet them comfortably. In order to be able to assess whether the coating continues to meet the standards over time, this test will be repeated more often in the time ahead.


Application of the test coating

Having monitored the conditions under which the material is being applied and having tested the tools that are used and the overall processing of the material in practice, the coating will in principle be applied in the same way as, for instance, Bolicoat PCn and Pn.

Completing development

Development of this product is currently being completed. As soon as the coating is fully developed and suitable for practical use, you will of course be informed about this. If you have any questions and/or remarks about the sample surface, please stop by the innovation team to share you findings and experience.

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