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ship deck specialist for the offshore sector

Bolidt is the specialist in deck systems for the offshore sector and knows better than anyone that safety is always a priority here. With innovative systems, materials and solutions for construction vessels and offshore platforms, Bolidt meets the wishes and stringent safety requirements of companies, shipyards, crew and owners.

With more than 50 years of experience in the development, production, application and refitting of deck systems, Bolidt is the logical choice for deck systems for the offshore sector all around the world. Our clients not only choose Bolidt's innovative deck systems for outdoor applications. Because Bolidt deck systems are hygienic, easy to keep clean and low-maintenance, they are often also applied indoors.

Innovative ship deck systems

for the offshore sector

In the field of innovative deck systems, Bolidt provides everything under one roof. As a result, Bolidt can optimally respond to the wishes and demands of customers concerning safety and durability. Bolidt sets the present and future standard for deck systems on all sorts of ships and platforms for the offshore sector, including deck systems for helicopter platforms. Just as important; Bolidt thinks extensively along with clients, shipyards and crew.

Safety for the crew

Bolidt deck systems are anti-slip and are applied seamlessly. This reduces the risk of slipping and falling, and improves crew safety. Bolidt deck systems are resistant to (sea) water, contraction and expansion and provide optimal safety in both wet and dry conditions. Naturally, Bolidt deck systems are IMO certified and comply with the most recent legislation and regulations.

Resistant to ....everything

Conditions on board of offshore ships and platforms are extremely tough. Wind, high seas, snow, ice and (sea) water demand the utmost of crews and materials. Bolidt supplies innovative deck systems which can handle the toughest conditions.

They provide optimal anti-slip surfaces, in both dry and wet weather. Because Bolidt offers everything from development to application, we can go far in the technical and design domain.

Outdoors and indoors

The Bolidt innovative deck systems are not just applicable outside. Thanks to various functional properties, both inner and outer decks as well as helicopter decks can be fitted with Bolidt deck systems. Think, for example, of the galley, bunk rooms, storage spaces, wet cells and cold rooms. The service life of the deck systems is very long, especially in comparison to alternative products. Furthermore, they are hygienic, easy to keep clean and low-maintenance.

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Boliscreed® 400

For many years, Bolidt has been making deck systems for applications on board of offshore vessels and platforms. Boliscreed® 400 is the preferred choice in this sector. Boliscreed® 400 is an innovative levelling mass which compensates for irregularities on steel and aluminium decks for the application of the required deck finish.

Low specific weight

Boliscreed® 400 is a leveller with a low specific weight. It has improved elasticity and forms an ideal levelling material for steel and aluminium bases. Boliscreed® 400 bonds very well to these after the prescribed preparation has been carried out. With sufficient thickness, Boliscreed® 400 is watertight and optimally resistant to many chemicals.

Weight reduction

Boliscreed® 400 has been developed for an optimal levelling of under-layers and decks. In itself, it has a very low own weight, especially compared to competitive materials. Therefore, it makes an important contribution to weight reduction on platforms and less fuel consumption by ships.

Safe, light and durable

Weight reduction and a long service life are crucial elements in the offshore sector. This must, of course, not compromise safety. The choice of materials therefore plays an important role. Boliscreed® meets all international requirements, helps prevent dangerous situations and contributes to a long service life. Furthermore, Boliscreed® can handle the impact of bending and vibration during the construction and positioning of offshore platforms.

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