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specialist in flooring for the beverage industry

'Wet food' is a specific branch of industry boasting a wide range of products: soft drinks and fruit juices, spirits, liqueurs, wine and beer. In short, everything that is eventually served in a glass. Hygiene, durability and safety are keywords here. Also, when it comes to the choice of flooring system. The innovative Bolidt flooring systems dovetail perfectly with the wishes and demands of this sector.

Bolidt has over 50 years of knowledge and experience in developing, producing, and applying synthetic flooring. Bolidt is thus a frequently sought-after partner for businesses in this segment of the food industry all around the world. They can rely on the fact that, thanks to the expertise and experience of Bolidt, our floors comply with the most stringent hygiene and safety criteria, including the HACCP standards.

Innovative flooring

for the beverage industry

Floors in the production areas of the beverage industry are subject to rough usage. They must be resistant to acids, glucose, flavourings and all other commonly used additives. Bolidt floors are also highly resistant to broken glass. The non-slip properties of Bolidt's flooring are always geared to the floor's specific use so it is well-suited to the use of boots, heavy forklift truck traffic and pallet transport.

Hygienic and hard wearing

Needless to say, Bolidt floors are impervious. Drains, gutters and grates have perfectly sealed transitions on all sides and skirting is seamlessly integrated in the floor. Dirt and bacteria do not get the chance to accumulate; a primary condition for good HACCP management. Heavy loads and the use of high pressure water blasters and cleansing agents are also important factors here. Bolidt knows the beverage industry and makes its expertise and experience available.

Wide-ranging technical possibilities

The floor finish in production areas must meet different requirements than those in the labelling department, the returned goods department and the dispatch department. 

Forklifts can rotate and brake smoothly on Bolidt floors. And these wear-resistant flooring systems can stand rough handling. They lend themselves perfectly to goods being transported via conveyor belts, to rolling stock and even to crates being pushed along. Moreover, all our floors are seamless, low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Always the right flooring solution

Floors have specific functions in each separate stage of the production of beverages. Unloading, storage, production, bottling, labelling, dispatch; Bolidt has seamless, strong and non-slip floor finishes available for each space.

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Bolidtop® 700

Companies operating in the global beverage industry prefer Bolidt's extremely durable flooring systems. Their top choice is Bolidtop® 700 synthetic floor finish. This innovative system has proven itself in numerous businesses. The mechanically compacted floor can be very heavily loaded. The slightly non-slip surface contributes to a safe working environment. The system is seamless, durable, low-maintenance and impermeable.

High pressure, impact and shock resistance

Bolidtop® 700 is a mechanically compounded and seamless floor finish based on low-viscosity two component synthetic resins which are low-odour. Bolidtop® 700 has a terrazzo appearance and features high pressure, impact and shock resistance. Therefore, the system is very well suited to heavy forklift truck traffic and pallet transport. It is also resistant to most common chemicals.


Bolidtop® 700 is processed in liquid form by our own Bolidt specialists or by certified partners.

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