• CSK Food Enrichment Wageningen Bolidtop 500 SAR

    CSK food enrichment’s choice
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CSK Food enrichment

CSK food enrichment supplies dairy ingredients to the food industry. With a history in the Dutch dairy industry that goes back more than 100 years, CSK has grown to become an international business-to-business player. The market regards CSK as a reliable partner who puts quality and safety first. It is therefore not a coincidence that CSK chose to have the Bolidtop®500 SAR flooring system installed in its laboratories.

  • CSK Food Enrichment Wageningen Bolidtop 500 SAR
  • CSK Food Enrichment Wageningen Bolidtop 700
  • CSK Food Enrichment Wageningen Bolidtop 500 SAR
  • CSK Food Enrichment Wageningen Bolidtop 700

Wageningen Campus

In June 2017, CSK’s new innovation centre moved into the Plus Ultra building, which was developed by Kadans Science Partner. Spread over about 3,000 square metres, it houses state-of-the-art laboratories, research and office space as well as a pilot factory. The building is located on the Wageningen Campus, also home to Wageningen University & Research and other innovative food industry companies. The campus has a focus on fostering close collaboration between government, business and knowledge institutions. In line with its recently renewed strategy, the new centre represents a further step in CSK’s commitment to maximise its innovative strength.

Core activities

CSK takes the process and products of each individual customer as a starting point and provides carefully considered choices and tailor-made solutions on a collaborative basis.

CSK sees that there is an increasing focus on core activities in the food industry and that building strong relationships with suppliers is necessary for this transition to be successful. CSK’s customers can not only rely on dairy ingredients of the highest quality, but also on support in developing and improving new or existing dairy products.

Ambition and growth

After the construction and commissioning of CSK’s ultra-modern production facility in Leeuwarden, opening the Wageningen subsidiary is another investment reflecting the company's ambition and growth. CSK’s decision to choose the Bolidtop® 500 SAR flooring system is based on the positive experiences of  FrieslandCampina with the proven flooring system. The flooring in the laboratories of CSK must also meet the highest standards in terms of mechanical and chemical resistance.

Liquid applied

Bolidtop® 500 SAR is applied in liquid form by Bolidt’s own specialised application teams. The resulting floor surface is completely seamless, hygienic, durable and low maintenance. Due to the extremely high chemical resistance of the flooring system, the impact of chemicals and organic solvents, such as acetone and methylene chloride, is minimal. This makes it perfectly suited to laboratories.

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