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Bolidt has been working intensively with architects both in the Netherlands and abroad for many years. To be able to help them realise their dreams as best as it can, Bolidt recently opened the Bolidt Innovation Center; a breeding ground for innovation and for many people a source of inspiration. Architects (and other visitors) can see and experience the endless possibilities of synthetics, and experiment with it themselves under the supervision of specialists.

  • Onderwijscentrum Erasmus MC Rotterdam Bolidtop 525
  • Onderwijscentrum Erasmus MC Rotterdam Bolidtop 525
  • Onderwijscentrum Erasmus MC Rotterdam Bolidtop 525
  • Onderwijscentrum Erasmus MC Rotterdam Bolidtop 525
  • Onderwijscentrum Erasmus MC Rotterdam Bolidtop 525

KAAN Architecten

One of the architect firms Bolidt works with on a regular basis is KAAN Architecten of Rotterdam. Well-known projects of KAAN in which it worked with Bolidt are the Netherlands Forensic Institute, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the Education Centre of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.

Really a unity

Dikkie Scipio is an architect and one of the three founders of KAAN Architecten: “I am a very curious person and there are many things I like. The nice thing of being an architect is that you can actually do almost anything you want.

So, if I feel like writing, I write. And if I want to make a film I can just do that. About everything I can think of I can do in this profession. Like we make buildings, Bolidt makes floors. The nice thing about those floors is that together with the walls and ceiling they really form a unity.”

A huge hunting area

For the Education Centre of the Erasmus MC, KAAN often selected Bolidtop® 525 for the floors. This comfortable, easy-to-walk-on floor finishing creates a clear layout by its matted surface and uniform colour scheme. Its tough-elastic character ensures a high wear resistance and reduction of contact noises. Hence it is very suitable for rooms with intensive foot traffic.

Dikkie: “We wanted to create a large room, where everyone can be together and meet each other. And we definitively succeeded! A psychology professor said to me the other day: ‘You know what I saw here? A huge hunting area where everyone can meet each other. You do not find such a place anywhere else.’ I found that really fantastic to hear; it’s a present!”

No limits

“In working with Bolidt we always know where to find each other. Bolidt’s slogan ‘No Limits’ applies to us as well. And our development never stops. Trying new things, larger buildings, greater plans and more and more complicated processes. For me, No limits just means endless ideas, challenges and fun!”, says Dikkie.

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