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    Quality, hygiene and durability

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    Low maintenance and easy to clean

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    Seamless, liquid-tight and non slip surface

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specialist in flooring for the (industrial) catering industry

The products of a string of suppliers come together in the catering/industrial catering industry. Butchers, bakers, off-licenses, greengrocers and dairies supply catering companies, airline caterers, company restaurants, industrial kitchens, canteens, hospital kitchens, etc. Food safety and quality are absolute guiding factors in the preparation and processing of food. The innovative Bolidt flooring systems dovetail perfectly with the wishes and demands of this sector.

Bolidt has over 50 years of knowledge and experience in developing, producing and applying synthetic flooring. Bolidt is thus a frequently sought-after partner for businesses in the specific catering/industrial catering segment all around the world. They can rely on the fact that, thanks to the expertise and experience of Bolidt, our trowel floors comply with the most stringent hygiene and safety criteria, including the HACCP standards.

Innovative flooring

for the (industrial) catering industry

Quality and class. Atmosphere and hygiene. Ambiance and efficiency. Many combinations can be made in the multifaceted catering/industrial catering sector. The floor finish calls for the right balance between practicality, safety and hygiene, in line with HACCP management. Bolidt has the precise flooring solution for each activity within this sector. All floors are seamless, low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Catering involves logistics

Preparing meals on a large scale involves working with a wide variety of raw materials and production processes. The floor finish figures hugely in this logistics process. Needless to say, Bolidt floors are impervious. Drains, gutters and grates have perfectly sealed transitions on all sides and skirting is seamlessly integrated in the floor. Dirt and bacteria do not get the chance to accumulate; a primary condition for good HACCP management. Catering involves logistics; the Bolidtop® floors are designed with that in mind.

Functional and smart

In the (industrial) kitchens of company restaurants and factory canteens all kind of matter can end up on the floor, which must be easy to clean up.

Also, workers often wear their industrial footwear in the canteens. That calls for extra durability. Hygiene goes hand in hand with atmosphere; not just because employees eat there, but also because visitors are received there too. Bolidt's flooring systems are therefore functional as well as appealing to the eye.

Always the right flooring solution

Floors have specific functions in each separate phase of the preparation and production of meals and food and in the various disciplines in the catering/industrial catering sector. Unloading, storage, production, preparation, keeping, dispatch; Bolidt has seamless, strong and non-slip floor finishes available for each space.

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Bolidtop® 700 RF

Bolidt has many years' experience in manufacturing perfect flooring for applications in every conceivable catering company and industrial kitchen. Floors that combine seamless, robust and non-slip quality with optimal hygiene, that are low-maintenance, easy to clean and have a very long service-life and that can withstand all imaginable ingredients, additives and cleansing agents. Bolidtop® 700 RF is the preferred choice for caterers and industrial caterers.

Safe under all circumstances

Bolidtop® 700 RF is a mechanically compounded and seamless floor finish based on low-viscosity two-component synthetic resins which are almost odourless. Bolidtop® 700 RF has a terrazzo look, and the non-slip surface makes it also safe in wet conditions. Furthermore, Bolidtop® 700 features high pressure, impact and shock resistance, which makes it suitable for heavy use.


Bolidtop® 700 RF is processed in liquid form by our own specialists or by certified partners.

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