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specialist in floors for the fish processing industry

The fish processing industry includes a broad scale of companies and suppliers worldwide. Processing is usually partly automated and partly manual. Hygiene, quality and food safety are paramount here. Not only within the processes, but also with the choice of floor systems. With a broad assortment of innovative synthetic floors for fish processing companies, Bolidt meets the requirements of entrepreneurs, suppliers, consultants and technicians in the sector.

In more than 50 years, Bolidt has gathered a wealth of know-how and experience in developing, producing and applying synthetic floors. With this, Bolidt knows exactly what demanding surroundings such as the fish processing and other food processing industries require. Bolidt provides companies in these sectors with innovative floor systems which allow them to meet the standards of, for example, the BRC Food safety, the IFS Food and FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000). All are approved standards according to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Innovative floors

for fish processing companies

Everywhere where fish is processed or prepared, hygiene plays a lead role and specific criteria apply to the working environment. During the processing of fish, there is always a risk of contamination with bacteria. Floors play a crucial role here. Stringent international regulations, intensive loading and the use of high pressure cleaners and cleaning materials are important factors to take into account. Bolidt knows your sector and makes their high-quality expertise and international experience available.

Far-reaching technical possibilities

In the fish processing industry, hygiene must be viewed inextricably linked in relation to food safety. Certainly there where the work with foodstuffs is done automatically or manually such as with the cleaning, cutting and filleting fish. Bolidt is the innovative supplier who offers everything under one roof; from design to application. In the technical domain we can go very far and the right floor solution is always available for the fish processing companies. All our floors are seamless, low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Own specialised application teams

Just as important as the quality of Bolidt synthetic floor systems are our professional specialists. The professional application of the Bolidt systems for the fish processing industry is ensured by own specialised application teams. These fixed teams of well trained and very experienced staff are completely specialised in the application and maintenance of Bolidt floor systems in the fish processing industry. All around the world. Thanks to their years of experience, they always have a solution for the most challenging and diverse situations. Of course, with attention to details because those determine to a large degree the quality and service life of the floor. 

Always the right floor solution

In each phase of the fish processing, floors have specific functions. On the arrival of the fish, during cleaning, cutting and filleting, freezing, packing and preparing for transport. Bolidt has seamless, strong and non-slip floor finishes available for each space. Easy to clean thoroughly, durable and with an optimal mechanical resistance. Forklift trucks can be driven intensively and pallets can be shoved on the floors in the shipping and packaging spaces. And also for the freezers and cold stores, you will find the right Bolidt floor solution.

Flexible floors

The fish processing industry often demands flexibility. Expansion, innovations and changes are the order of the day and that requires spatial adjustments. Bolidt floors are easy to repair and simple to extend. With a maintenance contract, you create space for these sorts of changes. Thanks to the fast drying time, the production process is only interrupted for as short as possible. 

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Bolidtop® 700

Businesses in the seafood processing industry choose the reliable Bolidtop® 700 synthetic floor finish. This innovative system has proven itself in the seafood processing industry and meets the most stringent criteria concerning hygiene and safety. The mechanically compacted floor can be subjected to very heavy loads. The slightly non-slip surface contributes to a safe working environment. The system is seamless, durable, low-maintenance and impermeable.

Hygiene has priority

Preventing sicknesses and infections is a top priority in the seafood processing industry. The consequences of incidents are unforeseeable where food safety is concerned. A high-quality floor finish is thus crucial. The seamless finish and the impermeable Bolidtop® 700 system prevent bacteria forming. Furthermore, the wear-resistant floor has a dirt repelling surface.


Safe and easy to clean

The hard, poured surface of this floor system ensures that dirt, dust, food remains etc. cannot penetrate. They remain on the floor enabling optimal cleaning.

Maintenance as you require

If certainty and a long service life are high priorities, choose the Bolidtop® 700 synthetic floor finish. There where the floor finish, due to intensive use, wears at the surface, we can easily and quickly restore the final finish during a maintenance service. Bolidt offers periodic maintenance in various forms depending on your specific wishes.

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