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    Broslo Meets Bolidt

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Broslo meets bolidt

Broslo are an art design duo that have a rather unique approach. Not unlike us here at Bolidt, they’ve got a ‘no limits’ mentality when it comes to art. Therefore it’s only right that Broslo and Bolidt link up to create something truly unique.

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The duo are hard to put in a box. Their work mixes street art with pop art and everything in between. The results are fascinating. Whilst they proclaim not to be political, their work, as well as their methodology, suggests otherwise. Their pieces put normality into question and allow them to express themselves however they like. All of the materials they use are especially chosen for their unique qualities.

More often than not the materials used in their projects are recycled or reused from somewhere else.

For instance, they might use wooden planks from a demolished nursery, or recycled shipping materials. It gives their work a unique quality, serves the environment, and also provides strong, long-lasting materials for their creations.

A collaboration with Bolidt seems only right, as both entities use sustainable, versatile materials with an outlook that challenges the norm.

Often, inspiration comes from the materials themselves, according to the two-man team. When everything came together with Bolidt, the results were astonishing. Take a look at the video to see what happened when Bolidt’s materials got into the hands of Broslo.

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